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Le Mans Legends...1/24 Ford GT40 P1047 Mk.II 1966

After the Lotus 72 not that long ago, my dad now finished another legendary race car. Well, it didn´t turn out "perfect", but which model does? Fujimi kit which dates back to 1989, this is the 2000 edition. Thekit decals [...]

1/72 Fujimi F-4D Phantom II, Vietnam Era

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II was introduced in 1962 as a high-speed, long-range interceptor for defense against Soviet bombers. Thankfully, this role never needed filling and instead the twin-engine F-4 went to Vietnam as a [...]

Portuguese AlphaJet A; 1:72; Fujimi

When I found this old Fujimi kit in a flea market I knew it wouldbe my very next build. I have a friend who made its first solo flight in this aircraft so, although the kit was an 'E' version (it would be easy to made an 'A' out of it), I [...]

1/72 Fujimi A-7B Corsair II

The LTV A-7 is a subsonic, carrier-based attack aircraft developed in the 1960’s for the U.S. Navy as a replacement for the (still relatively young) A-4 fleet. Vought based its proposal for the A-7 on its successful F-8 Crusader, with [...]

1/72 Hobby 2000/Fujimi , IAF, TA-4J, Skyhawk

Hi Everyone, Here is my: 1/72 Hobby 2000/Fujimi , IAF, TA-4J, Skyhawk

1/72 Fujimi A-4M Skyhawk

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was introduced in the 1950’s as a carrier-based, light attack aircraft for the US Navy and Marine Corps. It served in the ground attack, close air support, and light bomber roles for the US military, retiring in [...]

1/72 F-4B Screaming Eagles VF-51Fujimi Kit G-11

Building this F-4B reminded me just how much I like Phantoms, but it's still a toss up between the sleeker F-4B/J Navy planes or the F-4E Air Force Gun Jets - I can't decide - heck , even the Recon birds look awesome! I had the pleasure of [...]

Fujimi 1/20 Ferrari F10Fernando Alonso

Fuji 1/20 Ferrari F10, 2010, Fernando Alonso. This was a competitive car for Ferrari but it fell short of the championship as Red Bull won their first of 4 consecutive constructors’ and drivers’ championships in 2010. See all my [...]

Valentine tank (North Africa 1942) , FUJIMI 1/76

This old Fujimi kit, was harder to build , than i was thinking. Enough details and very small parts and the most difficult stage was the tracks. This happens in all Fujimi kits, in 1/76 family. I am thinking to use this tank in a diorama. [...]

Fujimi A-7B Corsair-II, 1/72

Built as part of our local clubs group build to remember/honor the sacrifices of those who served in the Vietnam War. Nice kit for its age and I certainly had fun building this Corsair!