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Kuwaiti A-4KU Fujimi 72nd Scale

May 13, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.1K

Hello everyone, my 2nd posting was inspired by Neil's Israeli A-4. So tonight I present 's 72nd scale , After returning home from the Gulf War back in 91, I haven't quite yet got back into building again. Picked up a kit here and there but did not build. But a Scale Modeler issue appeared with an article about some of the Desert Storm aircraft that participated in that war. And that inspired me to start collecting as many of the aircraft in kit form that participated. At first I had limited myself to just Naval Air, in 48th scale only(USN/USMC). Then I was invited to modeling club meeting (IPMS)while living in New England, and picked up this Fujimi kit, what a gem for it's day. And went ahead and built it and then now I started in not just doing US aircraft but other coalition aircraft and some Iraqi as well. And really this kit is still a gem to this day. This one built OOB, except for the Modeldecal set for the Kuwaiti decals. Really a nice easy build, don't recall any issues, and haven't read any bad reviews. A neat little kit to build love those scooters. Interesting scheme for this variant.

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  1. I have this kit on the shelf as well (or at least one from the same Fujimi kit family) and your effort really makes me want to build it! Nice one, and that camo is beautiful!

    Regards Magnus

    • Thank you Magnus, I have been using the Paasche H single action airbrush free hand since I started using an airbrush. I have owned others double actions, Badgers, Binks and the VL. Never got comfortable with them, always went back to my simple easy to use H model. Tip 1 or 3. Have two one for water based acrylics and enamels. The other for Lacquers and metallizers.

  2. H.ey Chuck ,nice job on the scooter, nicely weathered.I love seeing well known aircraft in unusual markings,check out my other postings.

    • Thanks Neil, I will do so. Yes it is cool to see a particular airframe when it's not in its usual livery color scheme. Navy grey can get well mundane at times. And not just the Navy most modern airforces have turned to it as well.


  3. Looks to be an extremely clean build. Gotta agree on the camo, looks great.
    Don't think I have ever built a Fujimi aircraft. Looks like I might need to give one a try.

    • Fujimi makes some really nice kits in 72nd scale. The series of Skyhawks, their F-14s are comparable to Hasegawa's Tomcats and easier to build in the way the breakdown is. But not as easy to find compared to the Hasegawa kits, wish their 48 Tomcat was the same, but it is awful. (Fujimi's F-14), Their MIg-21's build up nicely as well though some say the shape is off a bit.


  4. Nice job on the Kuwaiti Scooter. I saw a couple of these aircraft when I passed through Kuwait, enroute to Baghdad. The Kuwaiti Air Force ahs a small museum located on the military side of the main airport, located just outside Kuwait City:

  5. Other than the 16th Sqdn Tornado's that were stationed at our AB in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, didnt get to see much of other coalition AC. A Saudi F-5 with some problems landed one day. Otherwise it was just RAF Tornadoes and our own A-10's from Louisiana. So never really got the opportunity to see
    any Kuwaiti A-4;s or Mirage F1's. I do really love that image though of an TA-4KU on display. thanks for the pic.

  6. Chuck: Here's a few more of the Kuwait Air Force Museum's Skyhawks...Enjoy!

  7. Thank you Marvin for the excellent photo set.

  8. I really like the look of the model. Nice job.

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