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Roden 148th OV-! Mohawk

This was my first kit not too bad good fits and decent detail there was some flash but it came off easily I would recommend this kit to any Viet Nam era fans Got the inspiration for this build at the Planes of Fame museum in Chino CA

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  1. That thing fly? my goodness what a crazy looking p...something! it a chopper? is it a plane?...Never seen one of these before, so sorry for my ignorance...nice build by the way...

    cheers mate

  2. hahaha I think its a plane for some reason im in love with all the ugly ones (planes that is) thanks for the comments and cheers to you mate

  3. Having seen a couple of these in southeast Asia many years ago, I finally was able to buy a Roden kit from a fellow Hyperscaler and try to replicate one. As soon as the deal was finalized, a friend and fellow club member gave me another one.

    I had an unusual experience with the build, in that I 'blew up' the canopy pieces while trying to blow compressed air into the cockpit to clean out some left over debris. A rather frightening explosion/noise and some flashbacks resulted.

    My plan is to eventually improve my skills to be able to build that second kit as well as yours. I probably won't live that long. Good work.

  4. It not only flew, Jorge, but in February 1968 my friend MAJ Ken Lee shot down a MiG-17 over the Ashau Valley with an OV-1A - at low altitude it had better acceleration and maneuverability than a Meteor. Truly one of Grumman's best ever - every pilot who ever flew one loved it. The VC hated them.

    Good to see you got the side cocpit panels right - too many guys don't know it hinges at either upper corner, not on the top edge.

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