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1/48 Condor Legion He-51B Imperial German Air Service/Luftwaffe Group Build.

This is the fairly recent Roden kit. All in all, not a bad kit. It’s engineered very nicely and has good cockpit detailing. It’s best feature is that the landing gear struts are molded to the fuselage halves. This guarantees [...]

Roden 1/72 AN-12 BK-PPS

The An-12 Soviet military transport aircraft (or 'Cub' according to NATO classification) was produced at the end of the1950s under the guidance of O.K. Antonov. From the very beginning of its long service the intended principal mission of [...]

Roden 1/144 Boeing 720B Pan American

This is the first time I have assembled a Roden kit. The box art is attractive, but the kit itself has a nice atmosphere when completed. The accuracy of the parts was good and they took shape quickly. However, because the surface of the [...]

Roden 1/48 OV-1A Mohawk

Hi everyone! This is my Roden 1/48 OV-1A Mohawk, finished as the "Phantom Hawks” 60-3736 JOV-1A, flown by Capt. Mike Langer, as it stood in Vietnam in December 1964. The Grumman OV-1 Mohawk is an armed military observation and [...]

Roden 1/48 BE-2

Hello all. Just completed. 1/48 Roden Royal Aircraft Factory RAF BE-2 completed. No. 12 Squadron Western Front, France March 1916. My first of several Rodens in the stash. A fun easy build, I'm looking forward to doing another one soon. I [...]

Albatros D.III OAW, Jasta 50, 1917

Roden 1/32 + WNW decals + Gaspatch. I didn't find pictures of the wings and I didn't know the exact colour of ribs. I chose pink, but blue could be equally valid. Rigging not yet finished.

Luftwaffe Group Build: Roden 1/48 Arado Ar 68F-1

The Airplane: Following the 1932 success of the Ar-65 as the airplane that would become the first fighter of the re-born Luftwaffe, Arado commenced work on two diferent prototypes of successor fighters, the Ar-67 and AR-68. The Ar-67 was [...]

Review: Roden 1/48 T-28B

History: The North American T-28 began life in 1946 as the XSN2J-1, which was designed to replace the SNJ trainer for the Navy. Looking like a tailwheel T-28, the design was not accepted by the Navy, but in 1947 the Air Force issued a [...]

Bristol F 2b Fighter, A-7198, 1 Sqn AFC, Ramleh airfield, Palestine 1918.

1/72 Roden, built 2009 to 2019, finished in MM, Tamiya and Humbrol enamels with Pledge and Vallejo matt varnish over kit decals, pilot lt Jack Keith Curwen-Walker and Cpl Niels Peder Berg Jensen were killed when the aircraft crashed due to [...]

The last of its kind: Arado Ar 68, the Luftwaffe's final biplane fighter aircraft

By the mid-1930s it was clear to the experts that in the medium term the future of military aviation would be found in the development of monoplanes. In many areas, the approach of the metal-covered and aerodynamically slim monoplane had [...]