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Roden 1/72 Felixstowe F.2A

After 20 years since it appeared, Roden's excellent Felixstowe hold its ground. The early and late F.2A are depicted here. I used AIMS decals for the red ship. Rigging is elaborate, but thanks to stiff coper wires from coated cables, the [...]

Valeriy Grygorenko's 1/48 Gladiator Mk.I

Developed privately as the Gloster SS.37, the Gladiator was RAF's last biplane fighter. Already rendered obsolete by newer monoplane designs even as it was being introduced, it nevertheless saw action in almost all theaters during the [...]

Grumman OV-1A 1/48 RODEN

I present you Roden's model of the OV-1A Mohawk. The plane represents a machine of the 23rd special warfare aviation detachment of the US Army from 1963 in Vietnam. The basic task of this unit was intelligence and reconnaissance. In its [...]

Roden 1/72 Gotha G.V.

This is my third build of the venerable Roden Gotha. Released 20 years ago, it retains its charm in terms of the right scale for a build of the type and of course, the large surface areas covered by the colorful lozenge camouflage. The [...]

Roden Be2c attempt!

Second go at a Be2c for a friend who's Great Grandfather flew them. Very tricky mounting top wing and an absolutely massive rigging job.Not perfect by any means. I wouldn't want to tackle Airfix's 1/72 version of this! It's a lovely [...]

Fokker Dr.I, Royal Prussian Jasta 11, Lechelle, 1918 (Ltn.Eberhard Mohnicke)

Hi... This is my offering of Roden's 1/32 scale Fokker F.1 triplane, finished as a Dr.I production variant. The kit is good but with some challenging areas, especially the attachment of the lower wing. I would recommend detaching the [...]

RIP Valery Grygorenko

Brett Green reports: I am greatly saddened to report that prominent Ukrainian artist Valery Grygorenko was killed in a Russian attack near Kyiv yesterday. Even if you don't recognise the name you will almost certainly know his work, in [...]

Ukraine and the plastic modeling community

The following companies are all in Kyiv: My friend Eugen Evtushenko at Dora Wings has let me know everyone he knows in the scale modeling community are sheltering. Armory Models Group Big Planes Kits A&A Models Dora Wings ICM [...]

1/48 Condor Legion He-51B Imperial German Air Service/Luftwaffe Group Build.

This is the fairly recent Roden kit. All in all, not a bad kit. It’s engineered very nicely and has good cockpit detailing. It’s best feature is that the landing gear struts are molded to the fuselage halves. This guarantees [...]

Roden 1/72 AN-12 BK-PPS

The An-12 Soviet military transport aircraft (or 'Cub' according to NATO classification) was produced at the end of the1950s under the guidance of O.K. Antonov. From the very beginning of its long service the intended principal mission of [...]