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Roden model kits

Fokker D.VII's

Hi All, Finally finished five Fokkers! Though a rewarding project, at times it was tedious (fiddly kit parts, keeping each build parts separated, lozenge decals) and monotonous (over and over steps X 5). I am pleased with the outcome but [...]

Fokker D.VII F 5125/18 Hermann Göring

Roden 1/72. Hermann Göring’s Fokker D.VII F 5125/18.

Video: WW I Felixstowe F.2A - Roden 1/72Aircraft Model

Video: Opel Blitz Omnibus - 1/72 - Roden - AVF Model

Roden 1/32nd Albatros DIII (OAW)

Hello everyone, this is my Roden Albatros DIII (OAW) in 1/32nd scale. To start, its no Wingnut Wings kit but the Roden kits can be built into a pretty nice piece. I've always been a fan of the German WW1 aircraft, and the Albatros family [...]

Arado Ar 68F

Here's my recently completed Roden Ar 68F in 1:48. A very nice kit compared to my Classic Airframes Ar 68E from back in 2010! I added Eduard steel seat belts, individual instrument decals to the panel, replaced the plastic exhaust [...]

Roden 1/32 Stearman PT-17 Kaydet IDF

The Stearman was a trainer in the early days of the IDF. The iconic aircraft received several schemes during its decade long service. I chose two of the more common schemes while in service. Roden's Stearman is a most problematic build. [...]

Arado 68 F-1, Roden 1/48

Roden from Ukraine is well known producer of plastic kits. They made two variants of Arado 68 in version E and F-1 in 1/48 scale. Both kits are almost same, except front part of fuselage with engine and propeller. Kits are most likely made [...]

Roden 1/48 IDF OV-1D Mohawk

The two Mohawk aircraft that served in the IDF endured less than 8 years in service before being returned to the US. Both particular aircraft are displayed in aviation museums. Roden's Mohawk is a difficult kit to build. It requires [...]

Six turning, four burning, a lot of masking: Roden 1/144 B-36 D

Here are some photos of my recently completed B-36, representing a plane (01086, “Miss Featherweight”) based at Carswell during the early 1950’s. This model was built using the Roden 1/144 kit, with a few scratch built details. I [...]