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Ultracast 1/32 "RAF Fighter Pilot"

May 6, 2013 · in Uncategorized · · 6 · 2.4K

While my / MkII project progresses, I thought I would work on its driver. As, when completed, my Spitfire will be wearing the markings of a generic aircraft from the famous 303 Polish Squadron, I thought I would add some personality to my figure and call him P/O Roger Wilcowsky (or, as his squadron mates call him, Roger Wilco).

There are two rules of thumb that I follow in order to turn out a halfway decent figure. The first, always start with a good figure, The second, choose a figure that has some personality. Roger has both these qualities. He is from the excellent line of Ultracast 1/32 WWII Pilot figures. The details and features of this figure are crisp, sharp, and well defined. So much so, in fact, that it is almost "Paint by Numbers". This figure has plenty of personality, he looks like a long, windy haired university lad, which, in fact, a lot of RAF pilots were. Some may think Roger looks a bit too pleased with himself, so to those I ask this one question: If you were 19 years of youth and given a Merlin powered, eight gun Spitfire to tool around in, don't you think that you would be a little more than pleased with yourself also?

Anyway, with the exception of the yellow, which had to be sprayed (Did you ever try to brush paint yellow...Yikes!), the rest of the figure was brush painted in readily available military enamels. The only oil paint I used was white and black for the eyeballs and a dark blue for the shadows in the uniform folds. At this point, I have a bit of touching up to do, then, in about 3-4 days, I will give Roger his final flat coat.



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  1. A most excellent job, Seamus...don't see where any "touch up" is needed, though. Wish I could paint figures as well.

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    said on May 7, 2013

    Yep - looks good t'me. Nice animated figure - like the hair and scarf blowin in the wind. Loads of aircrew pics from the time showed the pilots with long hair on top - so your man looks authentic. Great painting - especially the flesh/face. Look forward to seeing him standing by his Spit.

  3. Amazing work, sir!

  4. that is going to look great in the diorama

  5. said on May 20, 2013

    Seamus .. WOW ! a great job on this guy .. AND I have to say .. it resembles one of my Uncles ..Dad's younger brother, the one that I got so much flight time from in his old Texan .. I CAN still "see" in my mind his hair blowing in the wind, also ! NOT may people CAN paint a figure so life like .. BUT you certainly did !

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