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Video review: Meng 1/48 Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/U4

May 10, 2013 · in Reviews · · 7 · 1K

This is a 5-minute video review of the 1/48 Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/U4 heavy fighter produced by . Reviewed by Dusan Lekic (ScaleModelAircraft), via YouTube.

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  1. After my previous comment(s) on the last video review were met with disdain (for the most part), I hesitate to voice an opinion - but I'll do it anyway.

    I liked this one much better. The viewer could plainly see (well...after the sprues were removed from the reflective plastic bags) what was in the box and the narrative with the still photos was enough information for the modeler to form an opinion. And the music wasn't distracting as some tracks tend to be. Nice presentation in my opinion. Thanks, Martin.

    • Craig,

      Yeah, I said that I know the guy in the last video review and I also said that he is a good egg, but I never said that his review was good. Truthfully, it sucked! One thing you should learn about Irishmen is that they always have an opinion and they exercise the right to express it. You have every right to express your opinion also. Whether or not I agree or disagree with your opinion, I respect your right to have it and I will surely never express any disdain (unless you are of the opinion that my Mother is a drunken Irish s**t, then I will express major disdain). You said what you had to say and were truthful (a rare institution these days), If in my reply you took me as being disdainful, then I apologize, it was not my intention.

    • If you are referring to my comments as disdain, well I don't recall calling anyone a dork on a public forum. I was surprised at the tone of the post, and I never got the courtesy of a reply to my comment from you or the site owner. I guess you are the Modeldad of this place, because now I see "Blacksheep's" recent postings are gone. As I see it he really did nothing different from the others except go too long. Here's supposedly everybody wanting more content and activities, but...

      • Bill,
        The Blacksheep's posting are not gone, I have just chosen to reschedule them for future publishing. Guess this place is too crowded now to work on the editorial plumbing without it being noticed...

        In fact, I have been trying to get in touch with Mr. Blacksheep via YT to invite him to join us. Please relay the message if you know the guy.

        I guess that the only dad of the place would be me :). Sorry for not connecting back earlier if that was the expectation. /M

  2. Doing video "unboxings" and reviews of all possible products has become something of a trend on YouTube which has now - to a degree - reached scale modeling. Inevitably, the quality of the productions will vary, but I believe that the format itself has much to offer, especially if the video is done as nicely as this one. I'm glad you liked it. Kudos goes to Dusan.

  3. said on May 11, 2013

    Veeeery Interesting... My first look at a review of this type and I must say if done well as I think this one was, this is a very good way to do an in-box review. While only a build review can offer insight as to how well the bits fit together (and is thus subject to the builders opinions and abilities), this visual inbox approach offers a much more objective, up close look at the real thing.

    I'm glad this was presented here and even more glad that I still have a Pro-Modeler 410 in my stash. IMHO the surface detail of Meng's offering is very soft, and especially the panel lines and other recessed detail is too wide and mushy. I wish Eduard would do a 1/48 410- It would likely be a bugger to build but Ed's surface detail can't be beat.

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