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Meng Model plastic kits

Meng 1/35 IDF Achzarit early version

The Achzarit (cruel female) is an IDF conversion of captured T-54/5s chassis to carry and protect troops in fire intense battle conditions. Meng's Achzarit is a well-designed model that captures the ungainly lines of the troop carrier. The [...]

Super Bug

Other than the Harpoon missiles, what you see here is exactly what comes in the (very substantial) Meng box... and IMHO is one of the best 1:48 kits available today. Everything fits perfectly, I don't recall using anything more than a [...]

Hellenic Phantoms: Hasegawa and Meng's 1/48th R/F-4E.

Hellenic Phantoms had colorful variations throughout their long service period in Greece. Years ago, I bult Hasegawa's 'Hellenic Air Force Special' model of an aircraft that commemorates 50 years of the Phabolous. In general, Hasegawa's [...]

Meng 1/32 Fokker DR1

I was given this kit for my birthday and was advised to do it in the red livery of Manfred Von Richthofen, so here it is. The kit was a pleasure to build and I included Quinta Studio interior 3D decals as well as Gaspatch machine guns and [...]

VsKfz 617 Minenraumer "Build as a Kid" Meng 1/35

My local IPMS chapter decided to do a "Build like you did as a kid" group build. Basic idea is to pick a kit and build it in a straight shot. Paint is optional. I thought it would be a good time and checked the stack of kits. I [...]

Meng 1/35 AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter

Hello fellow modelers! How ironic that I got back into modeling in 2020 during COVID to keep my sanity and I'm now wrestling with my 3rd round of COVID as I finished this build. Such is the world we now live in. But sick time and holiday [...]

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Review: Meng 1/35 AH-64D Apache Longbow

White Elephantsee what I did there ?

Immediately after finishing the Skyraider a couple of weeks ago, I brought this back to the bench from the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' where it's been parked since Sept. 2021. It's the Meng Sherman 'Jumbo' and as a kit, an exercise in putting [...]