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Messerschmitt Me 410 Hornisse

Pro Modeler 1/48 Me-410

Almost a year without finished model. It's time for changes. My ,just done, Me410, Promodeler, old but good kit. No major problems accept two clear canopy parts. A bit tricky job to get these together.

1/48 Me-410B-1/U4, Stab II/Zg26 by Revell-Monogram ProModeller

The Me-410 Hornisse was a follow on to the ill-fated Me-210 heavy fighter, which almost destroyed Messerschmitt's reputation due to its horrendous handling qualities. The design was intended as a Heavy Fighter, light bomber and [...]

Me-410 Hornet, 1/48 Pro-Modeler

This is an older build, that is totally out of the box. I know the flaws of the kit but all that aside I remember it as a generally satisfactory build and there is no mistaking what it is. The fit was generally good, and overall went [...]

Last build of last year…first build of this year. Mengs 1/48 Me-410 heavy fighter.

This was meant to be the last build of the year but she stretched into the first week of the new as it got away from me. I kept her very simple and just tried to concentrate on my paintwork more than anything. I'm still debating if i [...]

1/48 Me 210/Ca-1. Hungary, Summer 1944

There are two kits used in this project, Monogram Me 410 kit and Planes resin conversion set. The Planes set comprises of wings, nacelles, props and painting masks. They are of high quality but the fitting of the nacelles to the wing was [...]

1/72 Italeri Me 410 Hornisse

So there is a little story about this model. This model was donated to me by Tom Bebout. So I started this model about a month ago and finally took the photos to post. This is an older Italeri model. Pretty simple design and the [...]

Revell-Germany 1/48 Me-410B-2

The Messeschmitt Me-410 was essentially a redesigned Me-210, with a lengthened fuselage and DB603 engines rather than the DB605 of the earlier design. This redesign solved the problems of the Me-210, which were so difficult that it was [...]

Review: HPH Models 1/32 Me 410A review

Messerschmitt Me-410B-1, "Hornisse" (Hornet)

This is the Pro-Modeler kit in 1:48 scale. I built her a few years back as an OOB project, and if memory serves me correctly, overall it was a pleasant experience with a few hiccups. Hiccup number one, was the fit in the wing root. Not [...]

1/48 Revell Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/R-2

Hello Folks I would like to present my latest completed build. This time it is Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/R-2 from Revell. This kit I think is pretty old but was reissue two years ago as Messerschmitt Me 410 B-6 / R-2 in Pro Modeller form. [...]