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Hasegawa 1/32 P-40K

June 29, 2013 · in Uncategorized · · 4 · 1.6K

I searched for this kit at a certain price and every place I looked it was way out of reach for me.
It was when I took a moderate vacation off to go see my son in Chicago t5hat I found a little hobby shop that was out of the way in a little town called Worth in Ill. It is a little township where my son lives. We went and visited this shop where they had kits out the kazoo. I asked the proprietor if he had the kit and he produced it with a price tag about $20.00 less that what I have seen it go for.

This is the P-40E/K kit that I suppose is a replacement for the "Texas Longhorn" kit that I really wanted. My intent was to replicate one of the Aleutian Tigers but I couldn't really find a reference where they flew K models. So I went OOB with the decals and used the K tail assembly.

I found assembly really pleasant and the implementation of the tail "plug" if you will to be a non issue. the wing to fuse fit was incredible and the ip and pit were fairly accurate in detail.
I was even blown away by the pilot figure and how realistic it looked, I just wished I could do a presentable figure.

For the antenna I used 8lb test monofiliment and sprayed it the color of the airframe. Vallejo Olive Drab was used there and Vallejo light sea gray for the under surfaces. I have this on display in my modeling clubs case at a hobby shop in Tulsa where the modeling club meets.

One more step to achieving sharper skills.
Thanks for looking in.

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  1. Nice finish on this, Paul.

  2. Excellent work, Paul. May I ask how you got rid of the extra frame on the port side of the front canopy or did Hasegawa revise this part? Just a suggestion, the antenna wire looks a little too thick, 2 to 4lb test monofiliment is more in scale. Keep up the good work.

  3. Seamus, that was a new part in this kit. I used 8 because it was the closest I had. I did buy some 4 yesterday. and thank you very much for your comment.

  4. nice old exterminater

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