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SMER 1/72 P-40L Warhawk, Operation Torch

The kit had some decent recessed details, so I didn’t do much additional engraving or riveting. I did have to make a few corrections to change from a K to an L. I deleted the guns and the pitot and replaced with hollow aluminum rod. [...]

Dutch Demon

Dora Wings of Ukraine has been kitting obscure and lesser know aircraft such as the Vultee Vengeance and P-43. This kit, the Curtiss-Wright CW-21B fits that mold. It was designed by the St. Louis Division of Curtiss-Wright to be a [...]

The Class of 2022.

During all of 2021, I did not complete one model. Not one. Was a disappointing year as far as model building was concerned. My usual output each year, a modest four or five complete builds, with a couple started, maybe one sent to the [...]

My 2021 builds

Hello everyone, My annual report for the year 2022, which has been independently audited :), is as follows. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all. Ps The last two models will be appreared in Headlines later. 1/32 Hasegawa [...]

One more for the year

Vintage Tamiya 1/25 Metal Figure. This issue was from 2003, but the molds are from the 70s I do believe. This was the time they were releasing their range of 1/25 scale Tanks. I added the insignia on the helmet with home made decals, [...]

Hasegawa, 1:48 Scale P-400, "Airacobra"

This is the Hasegawa 1:48 scale P-400. Nice kit. Goes together very well, has really nice detail inside and out. Even the doors fit without too much tweaking. A friend of mine, Nick Buro, was a crew chief on these birds. He was asked [...]

Hasegawa 1/72 P-40N Warhawk

I saw a beautiful 1/32 Burma theater Warhawk done by Will Pattinson on YouTube ((link)), and love the way he "double chipped" the wing root area with the hairspray technique for both the metal and primer, and wanted to try that [...]

1/48 A.VG. Hawk 81a-2, (P-40C).

This is the Airfix P-40B/Hawk 81 kit. The Hawk 81a-2 was an export model created for the RAF that was roughly equivalent to the P-40C, minus the drop tank plumbing. The A.V.G. (Flying Tigers), was equipped with these. This is the second [...]

Curtis Hawk 81

A nice little Flying Tiger from Airfix. The soft plastic made the removal of the small bits from the tree a bit tricky. But with extra care I had no mishaps. On the other hand, as careful as I tried to be, I still ended up breaking off two [...]

Shark! 1/32 Great Wall Hobby Curtiss Hawk H81

Merriam Webster Dictionary says: ICONIC - adjective: "Widely known and acknowledged, especially for distinctive excellence". I guess few would argue that the shark-faced Curtiss P-40's of the American Volunteer Group do not fit [...]