Italieri, 1:48 Scale Macchi C.200 “Saetta”

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This kit is one of a few of Italian WWII aircraft that has been released by Italieri. I have to say that all in all I was not over impressed with the kit. The plastic is soft and the detail is kind of lacking. I was not impressed with the fit either. Fit was okay, don't get me wrong but I thought it could be better.

Still it's an interesting subject which is the reason I picked the kit up, and it does make an interesting addition to my collection.

I did enjoy the build but as with every model kit, your mileage may vary.

Thanks for looking and have a great night folks!


Freddie from LI

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  1. Nice work Freddie, I agree the kit's pretty unimpressive. Probably the best 1/48 Saetta is the one from PCM - limited run and not easy but looks right in the end.

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    said on August 1, 2013

    I like it a lot. I'm disappointed to hear the kit isn't up to scratch for a modern tooling, as I quite fancied getting one of these.

    • Gregor, I wouldn't shy away from the kit. As it is I also bought the bubble top version AFTER I had already built this one, and I knew what I was getting into.
      It's not a horrible kit, I just thought it should have been better, given the cost of the kit. As Tom pointed out, the PCM kit is a bear to build but looks the part,

  3. Another Italian aircraft playing with my emotions. I've considered getting this kit more than once (mainly because I have heard it has a separate cooling ring on the cowl) but I believe I will continue to talk myself out of it.
    Yours has been well done no matter what you had to work with.

    • It does have a separate cowl ring Al. 😉

      It really is not a bad kit Al, just ho hum if you know what I mean. Still easier to build than the PCM kit and there are a lot of schemes and choices of markings available. I would encourage you to, "Give her a go"

  4. You made a nice job Fred, I know what you mean about Italieri , I've built a few and never been impressed so much so that I made a conscious decision not to do them any more.

  5. It's Italian, it's cool, you've made a good job of it!

  6. Well Fred, you described, quite succinctly, a typical Italeri aircraft kit. I gotta admit that I like that soft plastic, it takes to glue well. Nice job on the Macci.

    • Hey Seamus

      I have noticed that too. Their aircraft kits are not as well done as their armor kits. I have built a few of their armor kits and they were pretty good. The aircraft aren't bad, but I found it to be lacking detail in some places and over done in others. Plus the soft plastic, (Which really does take glue like a Boss)

  7. Freddie that kit may not be up to par but your skills are you make it look like a high quality kit great job

  8. very nicely done fred

  9. Looks perfect.

  10. I think we have come to expect Hasegawa qualify whenever someone releases a new model but Italeri has never been up there when it comes to kit finesse. At least not consistently so. But usually they are both quite nice and fairly buildable and sometimes they are the only (mainstream) game in town!

    Good work on an interesting subject!

    Regards Magnus

  11. Nice Italian Job Frederick, Italeri do some interesting subjects which I appreciate, not as highly detailed as Hasegawa or Tamiya, but they do some offer some aircraft that no one else does. They are hit or miss, and of course they have bought and repopped some kits under their brand which we wouldn't be able to get other that Ebay in their original packaging, (ie Trimaster,Acc Miniatures, AMT,etc.) So the Saetta is welcomed despite it's discrepancies, and would be nice to park next to a Veltro and any other under represented Italian Air.

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