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Man Cave, a builder's log

July 9, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 14 · 1.4K

Well we finally moved into our new home here in Normandy Park, WA. And along with a little land, fresh air and garden comes my own room! So from the bare room to the first displays and lastly a picture of some repairs is the start of Rob's man cave. Once complete I will post more!

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  1. Rob...Looks like you're getting settled in just fine. I hope you enjoy many happy hours in your new cave.

  2. Is that a Can-Am McLaren I see lurking in the parking lot?

  3. said on July 9, 2013

    Nice mancave... is what we call "a target rich environment!"

    evil cackle on the approach, here!


  4. I hope one of those quitars is a Gretsch

  5. Cool. I'd love to see more of that McLaren too. I saw one racing in person while in high school. Gotta love those CanAm monsters!

  6. Tom McKewen and Gene Snow Funny Cars...? Boy, you ARE old, aint'cha? lol 🙂
    I like that Ventura, btw...nice work.

  7. A whole room for you wow. Nice and comfy, with windows, and your in Washington, plenty of windows. plenty of room for now. very cool

  8. Thanks guys! George that is the much maligned 1/12 Tamiya McClaren M8 kit, not quite accurate, but looks the part. Craig the Snake and Mongoose are the Monogram Re-pops from a few years back and it is Don "Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "Mongoose" McKewen. And lastly neither one of those is a Gretsch, I have a 5120 with TV Jones CLassics, but it is in the basement currently. The two there are my wife's Ovation and my Telecaster.

    • Recently a friend of mine, who is a very talented guitarist and collector needed some fast cash and decided to sell off a few of his guitars. One was an original Gretsch "White Falcon" circa 1950 something. I made him the best offer for it that I could, unfortunatey I was no where near what he was asking. Anyway, he asked me why I would make an offer on a guitar when I don't even know how to play. I told him that if he would sell me that Gretsch I would learn to play it like Chuck Berry & The Reverend Horton Heat. I do not have to know how to play a guitar to know that nothing but a Gretsch sounds like a Gretsch. Guess I will have to stay with the kazzoo.

  9. Looks to be a real good spot to set up a work station, exhaust for the paint booth and plenty of natural light,

  10. You're just down the street from where I used to live (both Seatac & Burien).
    I still have friends that live in N.P..
    Nice "cave" !

  11. Rob,
    I await the wonders you will make of this cave. Keep us posted.
    Thank you for your service to our Country.
    Semper Fi

  12. said on July 12, 2013

    Where about's in Normandy Park? any where near Edgecliff Dr?

  13. Ummm not sure! I'm off of 171st

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