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Classic Kit: FROG 1/72 Ta-152H Tweaked

February 19, 2022 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.6K

I first heard about the Ta-152 in the popular magazine "1001 Modeling Ideas" around 1972 in an article on how to build one using parts from various Lindberg kits. The article showed by using the Lindberg FW190D how to begin. The ioned the wings were spliced from two kits, the prop blades from a Me410, the spinner from another kit, a carved headrest, vacu-formed canopy and other details. I was befuddled and I had no idea how to make those items. I was really discouraged and I thought I would never build one like in the article. But, shortly thereafter issued a Ta-152H kit and I did not have to sacrifice all those kits!. I mailed off 89 cents for the kit and in short order it arrived. It was built in a few hours and I flew many combat missions with it outside.

Now fast forward to the late 1990s where I decided to build another FROG Ta-152H (the subject of this post) with that article in mind. I updated the basic kits with parts from other kits. I used a Squadron clear canopy, prop, landing gear and cowling from an early version of the Hasegawa Fw190. Though those parts are not completely accurate, they are better than the kit parts, especially the cowling and spinner; also, bits of wire and photo-etch here and there.

The decals on the model are a mixture of MicroScale, and parts box and painted in RLM colors of light green, dark green and light blue. So to me It looks like, and cannot be confused for anything other than, a Ta152H. In the end I did build an updated model using the same techniques from that old article from 35 years prior. I still have those magazine and really enjoy looking at what modelers were building back then. When I build this kit again I will scribe the prominent gun panel in front of the cockpit.

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  1. Great job on this David @thevid I remember building one when it first came out in the early 70's.

  2. Looks great! Had to have been easier than the over engineered Dragon kit. I built this kit as an 8 or 9 year old in 1972 as well. Brush painted Testors flat tan with water color green blotches. Pride of my little air force hanging from my bedroom ceiling!

    • Thank you. The biggest problem with the Dragon kit in addition to it's complexity are the droopy wings. Every copy I have seen the wings curve down.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Congratulations David! Your ability to breathe life in old/classic kits and come up with truly wonderful results is amazing!

  4. Indeed an oldie and you made a excellent Ta152 out of it, David @thevid
    Well done.

  5. Pretty inspired work on this oldie , David @thevid. Great workmanship.

    • Hi Jay,

      I appreciate your comment. This aircraft has intrigued me from the first time I read about it. I do have the Aoshima version, and Italeri versions of the Tri-Master kit. I do plan on building them someday. Thanks again.


  6. Very nice - I share your affinity for old kits - just added an old Heller P-47N and a couple of Heller 109 F's to the stash this weekend from a collection our club received from a deceased modeler. You do a great job of polishing these up into nice models!

    • Thank you Greg. I like the Heller P-47N. I enjoyed building my copy. I took all my classic builds to last Saturday's IPMS show in Richmond, Virginia but they did not gain any recognition.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Nice work David, you hit the right spots to make this kit look more correct. It looks great!

  8. Great looking build!

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