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More work on the "Cave"

Small room, but feel blessed to have a space, not sure about the other walls, but these I like and I am just about ready to start gluing and painting again! Not sure where to hang my flight jacket, I still wear it out now and again. Everything from my Navy years to art my kids did to a $1.99 Frisbee I found recently at Fred and Meyer. I am trying to re-create the look of various "Navy" bars I have been in over the past 26 years and umpteen cruises, where all sorts of random stuff has been added over the years. Kinda like me and my Navy career.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses

  1. I like your taste in music!

  2. Thanks, had Pandora on listening to everything from the Clash to Johnny Cash while I set things up!

  3. Your missing something sailor, otherwise it looks shipshape. You pass inspection.
    Fly Navy

  4. Well I am missing several things still but what in particular 🙂

  5. Cool room, like the musical touch. I saw the Clash in Oakland in 1980-they opened up for The Pretenders along with Bow Wow Wow. Great show, my ears are still ringing from those Fenders cranking it out!

  6. HA! Yes Chuck I always have my coffee, but since this was a late night session what you can't see is the pint of Pike's IPA on the desk, and Eric that must have been an epic concert!

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