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GasPatch Models 1/48 Me 163B Komet.

September 15, 2021 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.2K

What a fantastic kit this is.

Any issues were of my own making and that was only a slight misalignment of the Cannon Cartridge Ejector Chute which caused a little fit issue with the wings.

Everything else was a great fit.

Primed with Tamiya Neutral Grey.
Painted with ColourCoats RLM66, RLM 76, RLM 81, RLM 82, RLM 02, FAA/RAF Yellow, RAF Dark Green
Tamiya Lacquer Red, Semi-gloss Black, Rubber Black, Linoleum Deck Brown, Dark Iron,
Alclad Copper, Aluminium.
Finished with a light Flory Dark Dirt wash and Windsor & Newton Satin Varnish

Thanks for looking,

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  1. Nicely done! Did the British actually test this?

  2. Wonderful build, Alistair @alistairfgauld
    Eric Brown must have been very brave indeed to do the testing. A bit of scotch definitely would have helped.

  3. Well done, Alistair (@alistairfgauld). I really like the paint scheme.

  4. An excellent build, Alistair! Yes, the chosen scheme is really amazing!

  5. If there ever was a missile with a man in it. This would have been it ! Your model documents history and looks great ! Not often seen in the RAF evaluation program of captured aircraft , in models
    The footage of the Me-163 climbing after take off is just stupendous.
    Testosterone made them do it ! Or sheer ignorance of the risk involved.
    Befehl ist Befehl !

  6. Very nice! I was going to ask the same question until I saw Robert chimed in. Don't know that I'd have been the one to want to take it up - Scotch or no Scotch!

    • Thanks Greg.
      You wouldn't catch me within 20 miles of one that was capable of flying.
      The one that Eric Brown flew, now that's a different story as I visit East Fortune on a regular basis.


  7. Nice build, with great results. I have always wanted to build a Me-163, but just don't know which kit to get. This one looks nice, and sounds like a decent build with a nice level of detail.

    • Thanks very much.
      The kit is really good. The tolerances are very tight and I would suggest if you do go for this one that you get the detail set with it.
      There is not much difference but it cuts down on the number of extremely fiddly parts and cleaning them up.
      For example the landing skid is one resin part and about ten very small and fiddly plastic parts.


  8. Nicely finished model of a one-off, definitely liked.

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