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1/72 Airfix Bristol 170 Mk.32 Superfreighter

August 27, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 3.3K

If you've noticed any of my past "selected files", you've probably answered the question you ask yourself while visiting the vendors at your local show, "who buys this kind of stuff?". Here's another one. The Bristol Superfreighter. An old kit that I believe has been rereleased. This aircraft was designed in the 50's, to ferry traffic across the English Channel. It's a BIG model, especially for only two engines. The clam shell doors, in the nose, open. Permanently closing them was what took me the most time. Other than that it was a straight forward kit. The size makes painting and decaling fairly time consuming also. It's not a bomber, but it's impressive on the shelf !

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  1. I remember the advertising for the real thing, another not wholly successful answer to the cross channel crossing, we have the tunnel now...

  2. Another blast from the past Joe, I can remember the box artwork showing the cars being loaded on.
    Nice build again as usual Joe.

  3. In time, I have learned to appreciate these odd kits and airliner subjects. 1950s was still the golden age of aviation.
    I have a 1/72 Boeing Stratocruiser in my stash and plan to build it in BOAC livery which is somewhat similar to this. Will start building it any year now... /M.

  4. beautiful job joe

  5. Joe,
    very nice job on this model. Typical british (sorry but it's true) it is so ugly that it's pretty. Prior to writing this note I had to dig out my VHS copy of the 1967 film, "Two For The Road". Very close to the opening a 1967 Mercedes Benz 230 is being driven onto a Superfreghter and then a short time later shows it taking off. As quick as it is, it looks to be the same scheme you used here.

  6. You've managed to make an ugly airplane handsome!

  7. Really nice looking model aircraft from the golden age of Airfix.

  8. Nice. I know that kit takes a lot of work to look presentable. You have far exceeded that.

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