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A quick pic for Craig in honor of his 46

August 19, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 5 · 1K

Loved your Phrog Craig and so I cropped a picture I have of the cave to show the Julian Date Calendar I got when I was in HSC 21. It is from HC 11s Quality Assurance shop, and is in the shape of a 46. THEY WERE GOING TO THROW IT AWAY! I said no no no, that is a slice of history. Anyway thought Craig might enjoy seeing it and the story.

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  1. Thanks if I only knew what a "Julian Date" was...:(

  2. Julian date is a 365 day perpetual calendar used in Naval Aviation (amongst many others) to track exact dates, for example December 31 2001 was 1365. Some applications use a 5 0r 7 digit for example January 1 2013 would be 13001. The numbers on my calendar are just random and don't represent a date. When doing paperwork or planning it allowed us to simply state the day without the whole month and year, we might say "The next 14 day inspection on 602 will be due on 112 day".

  3. Yeah, almost all military maint. entries are Julian dated & it can be a real PITA if you get out of the loop and have to TRY and remember what day it is.
    Back in the Dark Ages when i was in the service (late 60s) and before computers if you didn't know what "J" day it was you had to add up all the days/months so far in the year to figure it out, like I said a PITA.
    What Rob didn't mention is that it's on a 10 year cycle and has a Leap Year version.

    (Thanks Rob, for dragging THAT out of the dim recesses of ancient history. LOL)

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