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Light this candle - Models 1/72 Mercury Redstone - Freedom 7

May 15, 2021 · in Space · · 18 · 1.8K

I picked this up and started building as a distraction and what I thought would be a simple build.

The kit is superb. The escape tower needs a little forethought and patience but the photoetch was a nightmare to get off the sprue and bend.
Felt like trying to cut solid steel.
I managed to bend the escape tower as I was fitting it to the capsule and just before I went to take the photos realised I had broken the pointy bit off.
Scrambling through the recycle bin I found the sprue and glued the other one in place. not right for this kit but only I will know.
On with the pics, excuse the garden it is needing done.

Painted with Flat White, Nato Black, Metallic Grey and Dark Iron.
The Capsule was a mix of Nato Black and Metallic Blue wih Semi-Gloss Black for the portholes.

A cracking kit with no particular fit issues, the neck ring at the base of the escape tower needs thinning to get it over the top of the Capsule.
The transfers went down with no issues.
Edit: I only realised as I was building this that it was 60 Years ago this month that she flew.
Coincidences can be nice sometimes.
Thanks for looking,

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  1. Another nice build, Alistair (@alistairfgauld). You have to be my age to remember when this event actually took place.

  2. Did you equip it with the one thing Shepard needed - a relief tube? 🙂

    Nice looking result on this. I can recall the interminable hours spent watching the real on on "T-minus and holding" before it got its 15 minutes of fame.

  3. I had the same issues with the escape tower. I think it is because 1 of the 3 supports is shorter than the other two which leads to the lopsided look.

    A minor flaw in an otherwise mostly easy to build kit.

  4. Nice job on it, Alistair.
    Havevto build one someday!

  5. Nice build, looks great. I remember the Gemini and Apollo flights more clearly than Mercury. I was pretty small but do remember drawing the Redstone and it’s capsule many times while in school.

  6. Alistar, @alistairfgauld
    This build of yours looks very nice. I am very fortunate to live fairly close the Cape Kennedy and have witnessed numerous rocket launches. At one time, I actually worked there on Launch Pad 40, which was right next door to 39A and 39B, where they used to launch the Space Shuttle, and if I'm not mistaken, all of the Apollo launches as well. Once I even witnessed a Shuttle launch from the Press Box. This was many years before they increased security after 9/11. There's a nice area called the "rocket garden", where they have all sorts of various rockets on display. The Space Center tour is a worthwhile attraction and if you are ever in the Central Florida area, a visit to the Cape is definitely a good one. I am not sure if they allow people into the VAB (vertical assembly building) anymore, but it is so tall it can generate it's own rain inside. It was also an amazing site to see the Shuttle being moved on the crawler, which happened on several occasions when I was at work. I also saw it return on the back of the specially modified 747 once. The tower I worked on was so tall, the 747 actually flew below us. That was a sight to see ! I'll never forget my experiences working there.

    Now there is nothing left of it. They tore it all down, and now Elon Musk has built his Space X tower in the same location...

    Your model brought back a flood of memories for me. Thanks for posting it. I definitely pressed the "liked" button. 🙂

    • Thanks very much for your kind comment.
      I visited the Space Centre on my last visit to Florida and will never forget the complete feeling of awe and amazement to be confronted with an entire Saturn V suspended from the roof there.
      It was a magical day out and I hope to return in the future.


  7. It's smashing ! I built the Dragon kit a few years ago. It didn't include PE but made a nice addition to the stash. Gob smacking good decals. It's in my blog.

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