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Airfix HMS Prince

August 24, 2013 · in Ships · · 7 · 3.7K

This was my wife, Carol's, first model. I asked if she'd be interested in building anything, and she asked if they made sailing ships. She thought they looked neat. I was at a contest with my buddies, when I came across this model of the HMS Prince. I waited until just before I left and offered the vendor $10 for it. A big box he didn't have to tote around anymore, so home it went with me. To my surprise, she started building it immediately. At first she used kitchen knives, etc., then, a few of my tools, but quickly got her own, as well as paint and supplies. She asked for very little help and virtually built the whole thing on her own. She won several awards with it, at local IPMS shows. She now has built dozens of models, is a regular member of our local IPMS chapter, and has her own version of a "man cave". Really exceptional !

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  1. That explains it...! As a rule, women have more patience than "us". I, for example, wouldn't build something like that if it were the only model I HAD...! I don't even like bi-planes - and they have no where NEAR the rigging that this does. Your wife is to be commended. Both for building this in the first place AND for diving into the hobby with both feet. Bravo, madam.

  2. Nice! I want to be brave and build a sailing ship, this one looks great!

  3. very fine model but for a first model...exceptional

  4. As said above, she jumped in the deep end & more than learned to swim. Having tried to build a couple of Airfix ships, though not wind powered ones, I have to admire her ability & patience even more. I gave up on mine.

  5. I wouldn't believe it was a first model if you didn't tell me.

  6. I echo the comments above, a wonderful first build as well.
    A whole hearted pat on the back to her.

  7. Your house must be full of models, Joe! My wife doesn't understand why I enjoy building things at all, and definitely wouldn't be interested in trying.

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