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1:700 scale modeling

Shark with shark

Work in fantasy style. Above-water part of the world's largest Soviet submarine Project 941 "Typhoon". Underwater, as an extension, a great white shark. Product size: Length 340 mm, width 90 mm height 100 mm

Soviet submarine 949A "Antey"

Soviet submarine 949A "Antey". Product size: Length 30cm, width 8cm, height 9cm. The work is made of resin. The stand is made of glass 8

IJN Destroyer IKAZUCHI 1942 (Yamashita Hobby, 1/700)

Let me post a work of Japanese ship. Her name is Ikazuchi, which means simply "thunder" in a very traditional Japanese way. She was an IJN destroyer, the 23rd of the Fubuki class destroyers. The kit was provided by Yamashita [...]

SMS Emden 1914, Flyhawk 1/700

For the second post, I chose SMS Emden, another Flyhawk one. Although this ship was described as a light cruiser, the length of this ship was almost equivalent to that of standard destroyers in WWII. Thus, the actual model is much smaller [...]

HMS Jupiter 1940

This is HMS Jupiter, a J class destroyer, which was pictured the status in 1940. You can see it at Wikipedia. It was based on Flyhawk 1/700 and a bit modified by using generic PEs and self built masts. This is my first post. I hope it has [...]

HMS Hood - May 1941

After over 30 years, I finally have a good 1/700 HMS Hood. The ship has always been one of my favorites, and I've held a spot at the top of the display case for her for a long time. I had (and still have) the 1/600 Airfix and 1/400 [...]

USS Philadelphia (CL-41), Brooklyn class cruiser

Here, my friends, is my first foray into the brave new world of resin kits. I have a soft spot for the 9 cruisers of the Brooklyn class, which were extremely good looking ships, and of great historical significance. Thus, it is hard to [...]

Korean War Collection.

Here’s a grouping of all my Korean War builds. All are 1/48 with the exception of the 1/35 Centurion and 1/700 Valley Forge. Some have been shown here, some haven’t. The Valley Forge will be finished soon. Home renovations have [...]

1/700 IJN Akagi, Battle of Midway


1/700 IJN Momi

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