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1/48 Modelcraft Noorduyn Norseman UC-64A

September 29, 2013 · in Aviation · · 13 · 4.7K

Back by popular demand , a floatplane ! This is an inexpensive kit, and it shows. Even though it is fair sized, there is little detail. There are three options, wheels, floats, and ski's. There are 2 decal options. The clear parts are ill fitting. Even though it was in a sealed plastic bag, I was missing a key part. It was half the part that holds the float. This had to be fabricated if I wanted to use the floats. There was a small substitute for what one might call an interior, but the clear was such that you couldn't see much anyway. The wing supports were like 2X4's, and had to be trimmed to fit without a bow. I liked the plane, but I didn't care much for the kit. Once again, the only game in town, and perhaps someday I'd like to do the "Glen Miller" version. Matchbox did it in 1/72, but I'm afraid this is the only way to go in .

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  1. Well, Joe, maybe the kit isn't up to much, but you've still managed to do your magic with it and turned out a nice looking model. That colour scheme looks great, and it's one of your favourite subjects. Good job!

  2. Inexpensive and it shows? Really? Where exactly? From what I can see it is a well built, well executed, and well finished replica of a not so often seen subject. Pat yourself on the back and have a pint on me. Slainte Joe.

  3. Nice job, my experience, Modelcraft always did leave "something to be desired", but as George said, ya done good.

    When I lived in MA, there was (and still is, I think), an outfit called "Parachutes Inc." - a sport skydiving operation that flew two Norsemans. My dad, who held multiple ratings, flew for them on the weekends and I became quite familiar with the left seat. The cargo door was removed on the port side and fabricated to allow for a larger opening. I couldn't believe how cold it was at 13,500' in the middle of the summer.

  4. Oh, don't worry guys, Joe is entirely right about "cheap and it shows." He certainly did a good job of turning the sow's ear into a cloth (not silk) purse. Mine got sent to the Shelf of Doom after the attempted corrections didn't work out, and then didn't get out of the last place I moved from, staying behind with the rest of the trash. So kudos to Joe for getting it "lookable."

  5. You cannot leave sea planes alone can you Joe. But yet another example of a poor kit done good, we all know that we get kits a sigh why me. Never the less Joe , a pat on the back mate.

  6. Nice work on this build Joe , I will forgive you for stealing my thunder, as far as I'm aware I had the only Norseman on this site until today (check out my gallery), I really like the look of this aircraft .

  7. Nice work. That kit is getting hard to find.

  8. A floaty thing that flies, glorious! Nice job, Joe, I'm a fan of the Norseman and Glenn Miller.

  9. Joe,
    I would love to sound original but I can't. No matter what was wrong with the kit you did a great job. Like Seamus said, pat yourself on the back and have a pint.

  10. That's a colorful, cool plane Joe! More float planes please!

  11. Thought I'd already left a comment-but good job on a rough kit.

  12. great looking model.
    I wish it was in 1/24 like the Canadian mist beaver...but you did a beautiful job.

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