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1/72 Revell Hurricane Mk IIB

This is a 1/72 Revell Hurricane Mk IIB I just finished today. Painted with MRP paints. I added gunsight glass, clear wingtip nav lights and resin wheels. The markings are from LF Models and depict a Hurricane of the Portuguese Air Force based at Ota in 1944.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses to 1/72 Revell Hurricane Mk IIB

  1. WOW, just love it! Really nice build, looks bigger then 1/72. I especially love it b/c of the Portuguese markings. Never see that. I am american but 100% Portuguese decent so very proud to see this. I never knew “my people” (LOL) flew Hurricanes back in the day. I actually just took a Sea Hurricane off my workbench as complete few minutes ago. Wish I had come across your decals prior to today.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Paul, the Portuguese AF had 2 flights of Hurricanes, the green and the red. You can easily find imagens on the web 😉

      • Pedro (and Paul), you’re quite right: actualy at the very beggining we had five!

        Esquadrilha VX, Green, Air base 2, Hurricane Mk IIc,
        Esquadrilha GL, Blue, Air base 2, Hurricane Mk IIc;
        Esquadrilha SU, White, Air base 2, Hurricane Mk IIc;
        Esquadrilha TY, Red, Air base 2, Hurricane Mk IIb;
        Esquadrilha RV, Yellow, Air base 1, Mk IIb, Mk Xb, Mk XIb

        The VX and RV were soon extinct and another one was born: MP. The nose was also Green, but with a white spiral on it.

        We lost a lot of them, and ended up with just two, as Pedro said.

        Paul, your model is just fine. The grey could be a bit lighter, but…


  2. Nice work, Geoffrey…..more so in that [small] scale. 🙂

  3. Craig is right, your Hurricane is very good in so much as to the scale used.
    It’s also great to see some “exotic” subject such as the FAP, or as it was know in the 40’s Aeronáutica Militar. Congratulations Geoffrey, lovely work !

  4. A great looking Hurricane, and love the use of the unusual scheme. Nice work!

  5. A great build!!

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