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Monogram 1/48 Models done long ago

September 7, 2013 · in Aviation · · 26 · 1.8K

I dug up these photos of some of the models I did a long time ago. I had a brief time away from modeling and then returned in 1968. My first kit upon my return was the Hurricane. I built it OOB and painted it with gloss paint and a brush. One of the other early ones was the FW-190. Again I painted this with gloss paint and a brush. It sat around for a while and then I bought a Binks airbrush. I stripped the FW and re-painted it with the airbrush. This was the first model I ever painted with the airbrush. I still have both the Hurricane and the FW and keep them for sentimental reasons. All of the other kits I built early on at various times. I entered the P-51 in the 1977 IPMS Nationals and got an honorable mention for it. I made this kit as it has my wife's name on it. A good move to keep your wives happy. I recommend it to all. If these come through for this article I have more old Monogram photos that I think I will submit. Monogram is still at the top of my favorites list.

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  1. Where are they Frank?

  2. They have apparently turned to dust...

  3. Hey frank , do you ever go into a room and then can't remember why you went in there?

  4. This sounds like a great idea, Frank...

  5. Awww leave the guy alone. Who among us did not experiment with chemical enhancements from time to time?

  6. Not me.. Ever...dooo de dooo de dummm.

  7. Frank...the pictures, Frank. FRANK...!

  8. Gentlemen,
    This is the second time this has occurred where the photos I submit do not come through. They are old photos and perhaps by scanning them they do not fit the format for an article. I have contacted Martin and hopefully he can pull off some more magic and get the photos added. He was able to do this last time. Please keep posted and watch this site for "Martins Magic". If the photos are too old then they will never be seen and I will move on.
    If Scotch is a chemical enhancement... GUILTY
    Wives is in reference to A wife. The term wives is all encompassing to relate to everyone. Or significant other, or...
    One wife only that has put up with me for 53 years.

    NOW, where was I...

  9. Hey Frank, I've seen the models and photos...great stuff...Totally awesome with a couple of fingers of Scotch! Hope that Martin can pull it off!

  10. Aparently we've had a glitch in the martix with the pictures not showing in this article. This should be repaired now. Apologies for everyone's inconvenience!

  11. Great looking models, Frank! Visible, but small-love to see some larger ones for a trip down Memory Lane.

  12. I knew they would be worth waiting for. Nicely done Frank.

  13. Everything I thought they'd be, and more ! Thanks, Frank! Looks like you've started a trend...

  14. Thanks for the memories, Frank! Built a bunch of those way back when, wish I knew what happened to them...

  15. Everyone,
    Please join me in a shout out to Martin. He is doing a marvelous job with this site in bringing all of us together to share our hobby. Truly "Martins Magic".

    Now ... I'm going to try this again a bit later. So... If I mess up again remember, I'm old and my feelings get hurt. So try to be kind.

  16. Ahh, there they are! Very nice indeed! I especially like the FW-190. That was the last kit I built before taking a fifteen year hiatus from the hobby. It was also the first kit I purchased (at a collectors price) when I returned to the hobby. Man, the Monogram FW-190 was such a great kit. A buttload of optional parts and a very extensive decal sheet. They just do not make kits like that anymore.

  17. Obviously great memories for you, Frank, and really good quality work.

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