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My Other "back-house" Workshop

October 26, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 12 · 1.6K

This is my other shop for larger model building and numerous other honey-do projects. I built this quite a number of years ago and just kept adding storage space, counters, and cubby holes. Being a Virgo, all my tools etc, have a place and are in their place. The floor space is about 16 feet by 8 feet. When I do any type of a project the shop become completely cluttered, trashed, and over-sprayed. After each project is completed I repaint everything and start all over again. There is more paint on the surfaces than there is on a battleship. It's just me. Like taking a road trip. The car has to start out clean and from that point on I could care less.

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  1. WOW ! Picture perfect, just like your models ! If my room looked half that nice, I would just lock the door and never mess it up again. If clutter were models, I'd have the world's biggest collection. I do have one of the largest dust collections and use my models as a place to store it. Yours looks better than most operating rooms I've been in Very nice, Frank..

  2. Impressive...and is that the Gallery Models USS Wasp I see in there? I did that several months ago - it's a dream to build and very detailed with a lotta extra "goodies" (that unfortunately no one ever sees) - I left the flight deck UNglued in order to be able to show it off should the opportunity arise.

  3. Wow, Frank, that's amazing, I'm so jealous, it's bigger than our kitchen, and much cleaner!

  4. Nice shop, Frank!

  5. BTW - if you need a new home for the B-26, I have room. Might even be insane enough to make it flyable again...

    • Jamie,
      Believe me if it were mine I might take you up on the offer to get rid of it. It is too big to store. Unfortunately it is not mine. I re-painted it for a 93 year old (still driving) former pilot of the B-26. He built it and donated it to the Hiller Aircraft Museum in San Carlos, CA. It is set up for R/C.

  6. to see it lit up

  7. What a cool shop Frank! I'd love to have something like that.

  8. nice,but where is the beer frig and the sound system?

  9. You don't live in Quebec, Canada!

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