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1/72nd Hasegawa Grumman EA-6B Prowler USN Desert Storm

May 27, 2015 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.5K

This was one I built back around 1994. It has survived several moves over the years. Except for the decals and the AGM-88 HARM missiles it is all straight out of the box. No seatbelts just one of those straight forward builds that I didn't care much about back then.. Kit K14 in the series of 72nd scale aircraft that had produced back in the early 80's. Fine engraved panel lines in an era where most kits were raised. More fine detail for this scale, in the amount of small bits included. But also the annoyance for the lack of ordnance provided in most of their kits in this series. I used Super scale decals for VAQ-141 the Shadow Hawks that operated off the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 during Desert Storm. In an era when most USN never used nose art, this was one did with a damsel riding a HARM missile on the left side of the nose, "Eve of destruction". Painted in the tri color Tac scheme of 36375, Lt Compass Grey, 36320 Dk Compass Grey, & 35237 Dk Blue Grey. Xtracolour enamels. Going back to the kit, if I were to do it all over again, I would definately replace the bang seats which were more generic than actual. And of course the consoles and instrument panels were decals. Despite that it was the best Prowler and I think Trumpeter has released one since. Otherwise despite the age it still builds up to a nice model and ages just like the real one that are still serving. Thanks for viewing.


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  1. Looks like a nice build from where I sit...and I like that nose art.

  2. Nice Prowler Chuck! I've got two of these Hasegawa Prowlers in my stash - one very old! Hopefully they'll come out looking as nice as yours.

  3. Greetings :
    With out a doubt, the entire A-6 family is very impacting to see. This model speaks for that. Very nice build Chuck, hope you have plans for a wooden type of base or plaque for it. It will be a fitting tribute to the A-6 family.

    • Very distinctive airframe with out a doubt. Actually a group dio is what I planned with a couple of other birds that shared the flight deck while operating off the Teddy Roosevelt. That is down the road sometime.

  4. The Prowler looks good Chuck and indeed a fine selection of nose art.

  5. And a station wagon also. I wish I could have hitched a ride in one of these.
    Very nice model. And indeed one of the best nose arts.
    Thanks for posting Chuck.
    California Steve

  6. Thanks for that Steve, yeah nothing can beat a blond straddling a missile, those navy guys and their imagination.

  7. Looking great Chuck well done. The noseart is a nice touch on this gray bird

  8. Definitely a nice looking plane, and the nose art sets it off very well. The photographs catch it beautifully.

  9. Fantastic build that! Some great nose art!

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