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Building Tamiya's 1/350 Battleship Yamato

November 18, 2013 · in Ships · · 5 · 3.6K

Here's an inspirational 5-min video showing the construction of Tamiya's new battleship , expertly built and finished by Mr. Guilherme D. Santos from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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  1. As you said, the model was expertly constructed and results in an outstanding replica. However, if one expected to gain any knowledge from following assembly procedure(s), the montage isn't presented in such a manner. True, it depicts various stages of the build, but one has to "guess" what's going on - and the fact that the print isn't in English, leaves about 90% of us in the dark. On the other hand, if the film were a "build review", it would've taken a whole lot longer than 5 min. Makes one wonder how long the gentlemen actually took to complete the project. At any rate, thanks for posting...most informative for those of us that only do the occasional ship.

  2. Thanks for showing us this build ,I enjoyed it a lot I've always been fascinated by this ship and the dramatic music made it all the better.

  3. Impressive! Another reminder why I may continue to leave shipping, especially capital ships, to the competent among us.

  4. Very impressive kit and marvelous job. Bravo

    Best regards, Eric from France

  5. Thanks for posting that boss, lovely display of craftsmanship. I want to make one now! I think I need a bit more practice first though.

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