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"Gods of Tin" Eduard 1:72 MiG-15

November 10, 2013 · in Aviation · · 14 · 7K

here is my MiG done.

extras include Brassin resin cockpit

Eduard P.E. exterior set

stainless steel tubing for the 23mm cannon and pitot tube

Uschi 'superfine' rigging thread for the aerial wire

CMK nav. lights (though i think they are a bit too pronounced, but there they will stay)

there's a MV products headlight lense in the intake landing light (though you would never know it)

landing gear position indicators out of .10" plastic rod

.2mm lead wire for main wheel brake lines.

missing is the air pressure probe on the fuselage spine (to be added later)

finish is Alclad and Mr. Metal color

kit supplied markings for Czech Air Force flown by Lt. Jaroslav Sramek on 3/10/1953 when he shot down a 36th FBG F-84 over then Czechoslovakia.

thanks to James Salter, F-86 pilot and author of "The Hunters", for the title

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  1. Roger,

    One I like the kit and what you've done with it. It's up to your usual standards and I'm green with envy. One niggle that the camera shows...something the moving human eye would never catch. If your planning on entering this kit into competition...I'd put a drop of watch makers glue were the wind screen meets the fuselage. A small crack or seam line needs filling. Having said that ...the model is gorgeous.

    Two thumbs up.

    • Yes Stephen, i noticed that too. there are too many other faults that don't show up in the photos, there are a few areas that make building this kit (as in most Eduard kits i've built), let's say, are "challenging"
      thanks for your kind words,
      be well

  2. An excellent job on a rather "smalli-ish" scale (at least for me)..I like it.

  3. Very nice MIG! I thought that it was a 1:48 scale kit at first...

  4. Very nice build, clean with just a subtle amount of "weathered metal". The photograpy is most excellent too, I thought it was 1:35!

  5. Nicely done. I almost bought the dual kit but passed & got the Brassin cockpit to try to put in the Airfix kit. We'll see what happens.
    Seeing yours makes me think I'll probably get one when & if the weekend version becomes available.

  6. Roger,
    Very nicely done on all accounts. Glad to see that you are a member of the " I know where the mistakes are but I'm not going to tell you" club

  7. I was just thinking that it looks bigger than 1:72, looks like everyone else thought that as well! This is bang tidy! Awesome weathering.

  8. Nice build Roger, and nice crisp photos too. The NMF is very well done, understated, yet completely convincing. Nice.

  9. This looks like a cracking kit, and finally (sorry Airfix) a state-of-the-art replica of a Mig-15 in this scale. And you've done a terrific job on it.

  10. I'm definitely a member of that club, too, Roger, but your Mig looks fantastic, especially considering it's 1/72 scale. I also like the way you've described the build details, and last, but not least, the photographs are very good too.

  11. I like a worn metal effect. Maybe a CMK lights are slightly to big, but all other small scratchbuilt details, wiring - looks spot on.

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