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Hasegawa's new 1/32 N1K2-J Shiden-Kai

November 21, 2013 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.8K

There's a more complete review today at Modeling Madness, but here are all the photos I took , which won't be all published there. But do check out the review:

Basically, this is the really nice 1/48 kit from 13 years ago, scaled up to with lots more detail in the cockpit and a nice engine (that you can't see much of when the cowling goes on). I spent more time painting the model than assembling it. It's definitely one of 's best, and if you like Japanese aircraft, the kit is worth the price (around $40 in Yen at HLJ, MSRP something around $55).

As is usual with most kits with dropped flaps, the model works best if you do that. I raised the flaps, and they don't really fit. If I did it again, I would cut out the area of the lower wing that is the interior of the flap area, then install the flaps, as it would then fit. As is usually the case, the flaps-raised position is technically the more accurate.

The is my favorite Japanese fighter, so I am really happy Hasegawa brought out this excellent kit.

Remember, you can paint this any color you want, so long as it is Kawanishi Green (and Hasegawa gives excellent mixing instructions to get the color).

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  1. As usual Tom, you make these builds look so effortless, but I know there is a great deal of skill and knowledge behind them. Any colour as long as it`s Kawanishi Green, sounds like Henry Ford there.
    Nice build Tom.

  2. Very nice, Tom.

    Sounds like a great kit. If it's anything like their 1/32 Raiden, I'm in.

  3. Beautiful job, Tom. Would it be as simple as you make it sound...

  4. Lovely job, makes me want to go out and buy one!

  5. Tom, Great looking model. For me, the Shiden- Kai and the Frank are my favorite Japanese AC. BTW! Do you know what was the purpose of the clear part on the upper fuselage behind the canopy?

  6. Very nice build, not over weathered, cockpit detail a big plus.

  7. looks great and i want one

  8. Tom,
    Very nice. Great job on this. But, being a Frank, and Frankly speaking, I have to like the Frank better.

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