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Spitfire Mk IX Eduard 1/72

Hello, this is my first post on iModeler.
I want to share with you one of my 2019 builds : an Eduard’s Spitfire Mk IX Profipack in 1/72nd scale.
A pleasure to build, really nice little model, like almost every Eduard’s most recent productions.
I added a small resin Pilot from PJ Productions, to represent the plane as it takes off.
Otherwise, I added a resin cowl, brass landing gear legs. The roundels are painted.
I use Vallejo paints, with a cheap airbrush.
The model is glued in position on a home made base, with painted effect to represent the speed juste before take off.
Hope you enjoy the pics !

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses to Spitfire Mk IX Eduard 1/72

  1. Very fine work, excellent paint and weathering. An impressive 1st post!

  2. Welcome home Jerome! Your first post looks the part, well done on this spitfire! Looking forward to see more of your work!

  3. That headline photo is great – as is your build presentation – welcome to the site.

  4. I like this a lot. Lots of talent and skill on display, with a great result. Welcome to iModeler.

  5. Nice, Jèrôme. Beautifully painted and a unique base and pose.


  6. Very, very appealing model! I love the the “landing” pose, it rally brings t9 model t9 life 🙂 beautifully made

  7. Nicely done Jerome, welcome to iModeler !!

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Welcome to the forum Jérôme , nice work on that Spitfire as well as the weathering.


  9. Very nice!
    Like the rotating spinner on some photos. This seems Stanislaw Skalski’s plane. 1943 over Tripoli?

  10. Welcome Jerome! Very nice Spitfire.

  11. Nice work. On first glance the BW-photo tricked me. Is it an original photo?
    Second glance: cannot be because the blue tone is darker than the red.

  12. That’s a gorgeous Spit! Love the paint and weathering work. Welcome aboard.

  13. Jerome, Welcome aboard !, and thank you for sharing an excellent built model. This looks really nice and I look forward to what will present to us in the future.

  14. Thank you for all your welcome messages and comments !
    It is indeed the Skalski’s plane. I took my inspiration from a famous photo where we can see him taxiing with several other Spitfires at Goubrine airfield, Tunisia.

  15. A great looking Spitfire and display base, welcome, sir.

  16. WoW, what a cool first post, really enjoyed seeing this, keep them coming, very nice indeed.

  17. Bonjour Jérôme,
    Very nice rendition. I like especially the dynamic effect during take off, very good idea!

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