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Revell 1/24 '66 Penske Racing Corvette

November 15, 2013 · in Automotive · · 7 · 3K

According to the history of this car on the instruction sheet, this was the first L88 Corvette off the production line. It was delivered to Penske in red, having been driven straight from the factory to his shop in Pennsylvania. It finished first in GT the following February, in the Daytona 24 hour race. Before it was raced at Sebring, in March, sponsor, Sunoco Oil requested it be painted in their trademark colors. It finished first again that 12 hour race.

It was powered by a 427 Corvette engine.

did a nice job of replicating this Penske race car. The decal decal sheet is fantastic. Make no mistake, this is a racing Corvette. There are no other options. I built it straight OOB, following the simple 13 step instruction sheet. It would make a good starting point for an automotive super detailer.

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  1. Nice job !

    Love that shape

  2. Very cool looking beast! Now you need to build a 428 Shelby Cobra to sit next to it.

  3. Joe,
    Another beautiful car. How about building a real one and let me drive it. Erich and I did Some models for a guy with a Cobra but he would never let us take it out.

  4. Joe, I just wish I could hear it as well as see it, it looks great, a classic American sports car, back in the days when sports car racing was interesting. As for the Cobra, I used to have a T-shirt that said ' I thought Carroll was a girl's name!'

    • Now George, Really? …. “A girls name” As a Ford gear head, I feel I must retort to this blasphemy from an obviously misguided GM gear head! : ) As I recall Carroll’s Cobras ate Vettes and Ferrari’s for lunch-in the ‘60’s among many other victories, He won 4 years in a row at LeMans and would have continued this trend most likely if the Euros hadn’t outlawed the big block motors, which had solid lifters that made less horse power than the twin overhead cam 4 valve engines that Ferraris used...go figure All that being said, even though I am a Ford guy, if push came to shove I could live with a big block L88 Corvette sitting in my garage…along with a lot of extra rubber! . BTW the Cobra that Frank speaks of is one of Shelby’s cars that raced at Sebring in the early to mid sixties. The owner has both the short and long track rear ends for it….it is truly a mean machine.

  5. As per norm Joe , a great build there.
    Something that cannot be modelled is the smell of hot oil and burning tyres.

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