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October 9, 2015 · in Figures · · 27 · 2.1K

A Napoleonic .

This French mounted Hussar and Drummer Boy on a terrain base are sculpted by Richard Bailey in resin and white metal at 90mm, from

They've been photographed against two different backgrounds for effect. For exhibition I'll place them on a square base of African padauk wood, as it has the red-cast of mahogany but with a little more grain on view. Painting reference for the 7th Regiment is from "The French Hussars, 1804-1812", by Andre Jouineau.

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  1. Vauuu !

    Nice paint realistic!



  2. Excellent work, as usual, Rob, and the lighting is very atmospheric.

    • Cheers, Geroge. As usual too, some parts better than others.

      Minor historical inaccuracy - the plume on the shako wasn't worn on campaigns, rather, a small pom-pom. Could have done one in sculpting putty but I do like the sculpt of the plume.

  3. very pretty...very skillfull

  4. Rob, that is certainly impressive. I'm not a figure guy, but yours really caught my eye. Great work.

  5. If I send you all my pilot figures I've accumulated, will YOU paint 'em for me...? I suck at it and you're great at it...just kidding - very nice work, Rob.

  6. Beautiful paint work - great highlighting and blending - assume artists oils are used for such work?

  7. Rob, masterpiece! I can't imagine wearing that in combat, much less "in the field". Parade or guard, yes. Also avoid "idle hands", as upkeep would take a lot of ones time, in addition to curry combing the horse, etc.

  8. said on October 9, 2015

    Absolutely stunning! I am at a loss for words. Well done Rob!

  9. Retreating from Moscow? You could put that beauty right in the middle of "The Duellists."

  10. Great work Rob, figure painting scares the c**p out of me.

  11. OK Rob, please tell me what is going on between the two figures. Your work is very impressive. I need to know what is happening with the stick with a loop of some kind. Is the rider going to help the drummer boy up onto the horse?

    • Hi Jack,

      The Hussar is offering the boy a drink of water from a gourd-shaped canteen that has a leather loop grip hanging down. Not sure what you mean about the 'stick' though. The boy's drum sticks are held in leather loops on the white sash across his chest?

  12. Thanks for clearing that up for. Wonderful work.

  13. Rob,
    I am truly in awe of your figure painting skills. This is absolutely gorgeous. You have my utmost respect

  14. Excellent Rob, makes me freezing !

  15. Wow, Incredible work Rob, the model is amazing and you've done it amazing justice with your skills. Great work.

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