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Flixton, Norfolk

You may have read the recent comments between Tom and me on his Jav posting, re maintaining classic aircraft in a difficult economic climate. At the former RAF base at Flixton, Norfolk, there is a Jav, Vixen, Meteor, Mig, and a host of peripheral aircraft-related items, all lovingly maintained on a nominal budget.

From the same base, in WWII, American air crews rose from East Anglia into icy miles above Europe.

A few aircraft here. Many ghosts.

28 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to Flixton, Norfolk

  1. Neat photo’s. I always cringe when I see these fine ladies forced to live out side …exposed to the elements. Moisture,rust and the sun can make short work of a lot of things.
    Any more photos of that killer Jav with the shiny paint?

  2. that was a treat rob

  3. Rob, These kind of photos are always welcome and a pleasure to view. Thanks for posting them. Can you imagine the collective collection of museum/airshow pictures amongst the guys on this site ? There wouldn’t be enough space…..

  4. Kentucky Belle! That plane was my first B-24! One of my worst planes, but it was a fun build!

  5. This place looks familiar…is it also known as the Norfolk-Suffolk Air Museum? I was at that museum in 1985 and this place doesn’t look much different. I recall finding paint cans in the burner cans of the Sea Vixen, and a single main gear strut for a Vulcan….an odd mixture of bits, memorabilia, and aircraft. I also think it is out in the middle of nowhere on a little country road….stumbled across it. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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