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My first love: Lindberg F-86A Sabre Jet.

December 21, 2013 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.6K

This was my first love in 1958. I was 10 years old.
This is the box top I remember. I don't have the model kit anymore, but thanks to the Internet I was able to retrieve good old memories.

There is an anecdote to this story.

In 1958 I had to choose between the Spitfire made by Paul or the F-86 Jet from the same manufacturer. My brother, who was 11 in 1958, chose the Spitfire. There was no arguing because I liked the Sabre Jet better.

The Spitfire was the only model kit my brother would ever build in his life. I would go on to build hundreds and hundreds of model kits mostly from WWII era.

For every model kit I built since 1958, there has always been is a story behind each one!

The box tops images are from Old Models Kits Website.

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  1. I came off the assembly line late December 1948.

  2. Gee 1958? I just came off of the assembly line.

  3. awesome pierre

  4. That's actually the F-86A kit.

    What a bunch of kids you all are. 🙂

  5. Pierre,
    I checked out your site and it looks like a kick. I will check it from time to time. Love seeing those old kits. I have some, not plastic that go back to the 30's. BTW, I have shoes older than you guys.

  6. Was glueing model parts to my forearm and slicing off bits of finger tips with X-acto blades in 1958 (7 years old). God help me, I loved it so! Pierre, I dig those crazy Sabre jets too.

    • I did not know X-acto blades existed back then.
      Yes I did cut myself once. Not badly.
      They say building things with your hands develops your intelligence.
      I can't disagree.

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