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Lindberg model kits

Some Vintage Lindberg Builds

Here's some of my old Lindberg builds, all in 1:48

Box Scale XB-70

I’ve done a few “nostalgia builds” this year and interestingly (to me anyway) most of them were kits that I wish I had made as a kid but I didn’t. This Lindberg box scale XB-70 sort of falls in that category. I wanted a companion [...]

Hawk Bf-109 Repop

Those of you of a certain age (like me) no doubt made several of these old Hawk Models Bf-109s. I could always talk Mom into buying a few of the old 1/72 kits on a trip to Gemco for a few cents. This nostalgia build (again?!) is a [...]

Lindberg kit, USS Nautilus (SSN-571)

This kit was first introduced in the early 1950’s and is still apparently in the same mold configuration. I had recently ordered it through Amazon and the two hull sides came a bit warped but some rubber bands helped to hold the sides [...]

"Now with improved chickens"

For those not familiar Tom Daniel was a model car designer who worked for Monogram Models during the heyday of "Show Rods" during the 60s and 70s. Revell, AMT MPC and even Lindberg and Hawk got into the business, but the only [...]

Vintage Lindberg 1/72 F6F Hellcat (with just a few tweaks)

One thing about the Lindberg kits I have built is that the parts fit properly. All I did to this kit is open up the closed engine face and add a spare engine, some guns and an antenna. Everything else is out of the box. I did use the [...]

Vintage: Lindberg 1/51 F-94 Demonstrator (1954)

This is an oldie and dates back to early 1950s. Heck it's older than I am. It does not look like much in the box but I thought lets build it anyway. The only thing holding me back were markings. Due to the scale finding decals were a [...]

Heinkel He 162 A-1 1/72 Revell (Ex-Lindberg) No. 4143 (1984 boxing)

I recently finished building a 1/72 Revell/Lindberg He-162. This should have been an easy build but I lost interest on it pretty early after I started the build. About 4 different builds got done before I got serious on this one again. [...]

Lindberg 1/48 F-8J Crusader

Lindberg 1/48 F-8J Crusader. I purchased this kit for £3.00 a long time back. Finally decided to make it. I had to scratch build the target designator that sits in front of the canopy. Decals used are aftermarket as the ones that came [...]

1/72 Aircraft

Hello again, second article here, 1/72 aircraft. Please click my name for a short bio if you wanna know me a little better, and if you haven't already. I tried to go somewhat alphabetical. All 1/72 unless otherwise noted: Airfix P-51B: [...]