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Nakajima KI-84 Frank

This is the Otaki KI-84 Frank built strictly out of the box. I did nothing more than add seat belts. I built it for a gentleman and he wanted it as clean as possible. I did put a few exhaust stains on it but that is about it. I used the kit decals and have no further info on the Senti.

I have the Hasagawa kit in the stash and someday I may put it together. I like the Frank for obvious reasons.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Nakajima KI-84 Frank

  1. As you said , very clean but also very sharp looking Frank.
    A very well done again sir.

  2. Personally I like clean aircraft, both in state of condition & lack of stores.
    Nice job here Frank.

  3. I’m liking it more and more. Keep them coming, Frank !

  4. Simple NAME predjudice aside, if you liked that Otaki you will love the Hasegawas, either the 1/48 or 1/32 are shake ‘n bakes, two of the nicest model kits made. Nice job on this one.

  5. Looks great for the lucky customer. Please keep posting. They are great to look at.

  6. This colour scheme makes for a very bright looking model, Frank, and in your hands it’s been carried out very well.

  7. gorgeous…i love it and the tony in the brown

  8. Man, that thing looks great Frank! Superb work on a beautiful model aircraft.

  9. Another beauty, Frank. Colorful paint job, expertly applied!

  10. Frank, bless those old Otaki kits. I still have the Raiden I built many years ago, and still enjoy looking at it. The Hayate sure was a looker, and a great fighter aircraft. Thanks for showing, and for a beautiful job.

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