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Building the Academy 48th scale MIG in the digital scheme.

January 5, 2014 · in Aviation · · 28 · 1.6K

I wanted to do this scheme the first time I saw it on an F-18, but I did not want to do all the masking to achieve it. Fortunately good things come to those who wait, and sure enough the MIG arrived with all the hard work done as a kit decal. The plane was built OOB so I could get to the fun part ASAP. As it turned out it was more of a project than I anticipated and I ended up purchasing a second kit to have a spare set of decals to correct my mistakes. Now I have to find a scheme I like for the extra kit.

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  1. Nice one Jack. Don't recognize the markings. What country's scheme is this?

  2. That turned out great, Jack. That pattern appeals to me to, but at my skill level it is out of my league. Decals may change this, though. I have read articles of a modeller painting a three colour pattern on armour and it was time intensive to say the least. The work on the engine outtakes adds to the look and realism of the model as well, and the decal turned out well and any mistakes you might have made are covered up well.

    • I learned the hard lesson to cut the patterns on the decal sheet to smaller sizes so it makes it easier to position them. Even then you need to do some patch work.

  3. Cool Mig Jack, on a different level.
    I saw a T 90 tank ( I think ) done in a similar scheme in Tamiya Mag a while ago,it takes some doing.
    Well done Jack.

  4. Very innovative and a different looking MIG! What did you use as a reference for this project? Great job.

    • Unfortunately I do not keep my kit instruction sheets once I'm done with the project. This was a special edition kit from Academy (Kit number 12227) of the MIG-29AS of the "Slovac Air Force" I did find a complete walk around file on line of this exact aircraft, so it is out there.

  5. said on January 5, 2014

    Well done, Jack. Nice touch with those silver rivets across the anti-glare panel. Great work, as always...


  6. Very nice Jack, certainly not a scheme for the faint hearted!

  7. I know it looks even better in person, but it's beautiful here, also. A lot of work, but worth it. Better thee, than me. I'll just enjoy yours. Thanks for posting it, Jack.

  8. well done jack...that is a daring scheme

  9. Nice work Jack! Great minds must be into former WarPac AF Migs this year!

  10. That is awesome Jack, I've not seen camo like that before, I'm inspired! I'll have to check out the T-90 Simon mentioned, my girlfriend wants me to build her one after seeing one on the internet, and deciding she likes them! Women...

  11. Nice work, Jack...I like that!

  12. very nice! i especially like your treatment of the burner cans! they look very realistic. would you be willing to give a block of instruction on your technique?

    • Well Ramon, you really need some good color reference photos to begin with. After that it's just paint. I use Alclad a lot, but sometimes use ModelMaster Enamels, pencil lead, ink and pastels to get the effect I want. You just have to experiment to see what gets you closest to your reference material.

  13. said on January 6, 2014

    Really different. Very nice work! You must have steady hands & a good optometrist.

  14. Great looking MiG Jack! One to be proud of I'd say for sure.

  15. Jack, that is for sure a Killer looking MiG, Great job all around.

  16. Jack,
    Beautiful. How you kept your sanity while putting on these decals is beyond me. This is more than I would want to undertake. You did a great job on this and it shows with a very beautiful model.

  17. It looks great, Jack, and It's very nice to see something in a 'different' colour scheme. You obviously have an eye for these things.

  18. Jack, the MiG-29 is to me the best looking jet fighter of the 'twin tail" generation, and it could outfight some of the more sophisticated western fighters. Still can. You did an outstanding job on this most difficult color scheme of this most interesting aircraft. Beautiful, and thank you!

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