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First for 2014

January 11, 2014 · in Automotive · 12 · 1.7K

This is Mirror Models little Indian 741B Motorcycle in 1/35, and it is little, only about 60mm long!
There are two complete kits in the box but so far I've only built one, lots of very small parts that require a lot of care removing from the sprue's and a lot of care to keep them from the carpet monster.
The wheels are very well designed, each consists of two sets of PE spokes sandwiched between each half of the tyre with a hub sandwiched between the PE, the kit also contains a jig to create the correct "dish" in each set of PE spokes.
I've ordered the upgrade set for this kit which contains some resin saddle bags and extra PE detail, once it arrives I'll build the other motorcycle.

PS: Added a photo of the bike before it was painted.

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  1. Cool Bernard. A nice little bike, it must of been fun building that size.
    Done a great job though.

  2. I've got this kit & the upgrade. Hopefully your fine build will get me moving. Not sure if the upgrade bags will look better than yours though.

  3. This is nice mate, was it painted after construction or is the unpainted pic a mock up,if so it must of been tricky.

  4. Nice addition to your shelf...I like it.

  5. I want one! Flatheads are so cool. Great job on a small one.

  6. Bernard,
    I can't imagine any upgrade kit that would make this look better. This is masterful and I hope it has not affected your sanity. You had to be totally committed to this kit to do what you have done with it. Absolutely stunning.
    Thank goodness motors no longer have the side shift lever. A bit of a PITA to drive and concentrate on. But alas, what was the difference in it's day.

  7. Patience is a virtue, Bernard! Nice result for a tiny kit. Good luck on #2.

  8. i love it...that's a fine job...check out this lovely 1942 WLA restoration

  9. I didn't know they made them that small! Looks good Bernard, really life like too!

  10. It's a little beauty, Bernard, the detail really shows through even in this scale.

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