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Airfix Hurricane Hurricane MkIIc

March 7, 2014 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.7K

Hi All, Here's another of my early efforts this is probably one of only a hand full of kits since being a kid that i have built as soon as i picked one up and got it home great little kit i think the only let down is the under sized prop,which i didn't change i had to put a vac form canopy on it because i broke the kit one a modellers knight mare i drop the canopy roll the computer chair back to see where it could have fallen and Crunch i think most of us have done something like it.

paint work and weathering Done in the usual way a bit of pre- shading with dark grey then painted with Mr Aqueous color, panel lines picked out with flory Models dark wash a little weathering and gun soot and exhaust streaking and job done

Hope You Like It Guys...

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  1. Another good one Mark. Nice weathering.

  2. wonderful scheme...terrific weathering

  3. Nice one Mark, subtle weathering.

  4. Thanks Guys, very little work i tell you guys that flory wash is Amazing stuff
    pretty much wipe on let it dry and wipe off dont forget it needs to be applied to a glossy coat its not for all but works for me

    Thanks for the kind words Yawl

  5. Good one Mark, rarely seen paint scheme on a Hurricane. Well done on the weathering. Effective look and feel. Gives it character. Thanks for sharing

    Fly Navy

  6. Wonderfully executed build. Not your everyday scheme either. Well done!

  7. Something rather unique, and a great build. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The following is not a critique of your model, Mark (which is quite nice), but a discussion of why you need to not pay attention to "X-spurtz", since they are frequently wrong. The Hurriances of 825 Squadron are the perfect example.

    Back in 1972, a Very Famous Modeler Indeed made one of these Hurricanes from the 1/24 Airfix kit, and stated that the airplanes were white all over. Manymanymanymanymany modelers and all sorts of "x-spurtz" since have parroted this, despite the fact it was demonstrably wrong to anyone with 20/20 vision who could comprehend what they saw in a photograph.

    Squadron even got it wrong in their "Hurricane in Action" book, labeling photos of these Hurricanes "out of focus" despite the fact that the photographs referenced disprove that to anyone who can see them. In the two upper surface photos, the airplane is in focus, the people around it are in focus. What is not "in focus" is the "fuzzy" national insignia - WHICH WERE OBVIOUSLY OVERSPRAYED to anyone with an IQ over room temperature!

    The facts, if you look at the photos in the Squadron book, are that the Sea Hurricanes were in FAA standard camo. oversprayed on the upper surfaces, with a "wraparound" of the wing leading edge, in white, with the national insignia oversprayed for North Atlantic camouflage.

    Mark, your airplane is right, because not all the Sea Hurricanes in the squadron had the insignia oversprayed.

    This is a wonderful lesson for you all: look at the photograph, and do not let what you see be influenced by the caption. Frequently the captions can be wrong. Trust me when I tell you that many of the "experts" are guessing. I know them. I know their mistakes, because I trust my eyes over the captions. You should do the same.

  9. Very nice. Great weathering again Mark.

  10. A very attractive model Mark

  11. You make it sound so easy, Mark!

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