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16 Exciting New Kits from Airfix for 2014

February 7, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 26 · 3.7K

Is the "new" heading into its best year yet? Here is the list of company's new kit releases for 2014. The choice of many subjects is clearly influenced by the forthcoming 70th anniversary of D-Day, but even without that the list would be very impressive. Let's have a look:

1/72 scale

AX01010 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Due January 2014 - New Tooling

AX01024 1:72 de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth (Civil) Due January 2014. An all-new tooling Tiger Moth, also to be issued as a RAF version

1:72 Willys Jeep, Trailer & 6 Pdr Gun Due May 2014. A New-Tooling Jeep in braille scale.

1:72 Higgins LCVP Due May 2014 - New Tooling.

1:72 Supermarine Swift FR.5 Due August 2014. New Tooling!

1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I - Due June 2014. After a very long wait, an entirely new Blenheim kit in this scale!
This is to be followed also by Blenheim Mk. IV, Due September 2014...

1:72 Dornier Do 17Z Due November 2014 - New Tooling. How cool is this?

A new-tool 1:72 scale Douglas C-47/Dakota comes in three different guises:
AX08014 1:72 Douglas C-47A/D Skytrain - Due April 2014
AX08015 1:72 Douglas Dakota - Due October 2014 New Tooling Aircraft kits (injection) AX09008 1:72 Douglas Dakota Mk.III with Willys Jeep - Due August 2014
1/48 scale

AX05123 Folland Gnat - Due October 2014. To my knowledge, this is the first mainstream kit of this diminutive jet in 1/48 scale. Arifix will also release a Red Arrows version.

Airfix wouldn't be themselves without at least one new Spitfire kit, and here it is - AX05125
1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VB, Due in July 2014. New Tooling!
1/24 scale

Last but not least, the much talked-about 1:24 scale Hawker Typhoon
AX19002 1:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB - Due June 2014

With such an ambitious new kit programme, Airfix aspires to rank among the most vital model companies in the World today, fully competitive even against the most prolific competitors which these days come from China.

Exciting times!

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  1. Posted without a glitch! Hope that the article editor works just as fine for everyone now.

  2. That 1/24th scale Typhoon should be a monster! Haven't had much - if any - experience with Airfix. How's the quality/fit compared to say...Tamiya?

    • The new kits started to pour out something like 5-6 years ago and from the beginning they were a somewhat mixed bag - modern kits with average detail, better than old Airfix but not quite in the Tamigawa league. Today, most of the Airfix kit are fully competitive and some are real gems - like the 1/48 Spitfire XIX, the Javelin or the recent EE Lightning.

      In other words, well worth giving a try.

  3. Those "painting" boxarts are the best! Airfix was always good at that though.

  4. Please, Please, quit showing me the 1/24 Typhoon. I need this like I need another hole in my head. I need to put this absolutely beautiful airplane in perspective and not purchase one. Let's see how I fair when it comes out...

  5. And when they do Spitfire-14 in 48th scale? I can not wait )

  6. Wish all Blenheims were in 1/48. C-47 series very exciting indeed
    By the way, note the twin supporting bars on the upper surface of the Spitfire MkVb. The same problem with the Tamiya s MkVb.
    If I am not wrong these bars were added on the restoration of an example aircraft.

  7. Looking forward to the Blenheims. At last something more detailed than the old Frog or older Airfix offerings.

  8. I love 1/72 scale so these new toolings being released Have me very stoked to build the C-47 and both Blenheims. Viva La Airfix!

  9. One thing I have noticed is that some of the gates can and are a bit large on their new toolings.
    Even so ,it is nice for a company to look forward positively nowadays.
    As fot the Tiffie, bring it on...

  10. Another Spitfire Vb. At least I can use the "extra" Spit 12 wing from my Seafire kitbash to do a Vc. What is so hard with them turning the Spit XIX into a Spitfire XIV? That would sell like crazy, and more than another Vb.

  11. A Hurricane, Tiger moth, Blenheim, and DO17z. Kind of a Battle of Britain thing going on. I will definitely snatch up that DO17z when it is released. Such an under represented machine in any scale.

  12. why not a new 1/32 typhoon and hurricane...they are missing the boat

    • Spot on Bob, and an early marque Spitfire would be greatly appreciated too! Of course you know how it goes, next new release will be another Messerschmitt, Mustang, Corsair, Zero variant, or late marque Spitfire. In the meanwhile, the old Revell 1/32 Typhoon and Hurricane are not all that bad, just need a little work to bring them up to speed.

    • Airfix don't produce 1/32 aircraft kits, but i agree - like you - i'd like to see something a bit different for a change. What about a Tempest, or a BP Defiant?

  13. Always will have a soft spot for Airfix, how many of us started the hobby on Airfix kits? A lot I think! Their re-tooled and modern kits are as good as anyones I think. I wonder if they have re-tooled the Tiger Moth? As I recall, that was not exactly one of their best...The 1/24 Typhoon will be amazing! Long overdue, too few kits of the famous Typhoon and Tempest.

  14. Exciting times indeed!
    Having built a few of their more recent 72nd scale kits I must say I am a big fan so far. Great detail, builds easily and at a good price, what's not to like? 🙂
    A bit difficult to describe this, but I get the feeling of almost building with Lego blocks when working on an Airfix kit these days. I put this down partly to the generally well thought out engineering of parts and the how they assemble in a fool proof way to form very rigid constructions, yet with excellent surface detail all around.

    Right now working on their newish 72nd scale Gladiator and it is a true gem. Many details present in the cockpit, although they not always as refined as your typical Tamiya kit. But the surface detail is nothing short of amazing, with convincing fabric detail and very fine panel lines.
    The Tiger Moth is indeed a newly tooled kit and I am sure it will be just as good.

    A bit of an odd choice, yes, but I am sure the 48th Spit Vb will have the edge over Tamiya's offering regarding shape, and probably be a bit better in the details as well. Still, this kit will surely be eclipsed by Eduard if/when they eventually go that route with their own line of Spitfires.
    Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the Airfix Mk Vb. Sure have enough decal sheets to build two dozens of them. A new Mk I would not hurt either. 🙂

  15. Yes the MkI Spitfire would be good. I admit to being a bit dissapointed with the Airfix innitial issue of the MkI Spit. It was pretty basic and to me the shape of the rudder didn't look quite right, trailing edge was too "squared off" in shape to my eye. So a re-tool would be good. But to me, the kit that really deserves a re-tool is the 1/24th Spit MkI. How great it would be to have that re-issued with detailed gun bays, wheel wells, a re worked cockpit and a nice big decal sheet? They would sell truckloads I recon!

    • Yeah, the 1/48 Mk 1 issued a few years back was very dissapointing, not a patch on the Tamiya one. They sorta revised the 1/24 Mk 1 with their VB in 1/24, but on the cheap! The replacement or upgraded parts were a bit soft on detail, and you still had to line the wheel wells yourself. The cartograph decal with these kits were good tho'!

  16. In the meantime, Revell seems to be preparing a new-tool 1/32 Spitfire Mk. II to replace their old mould in this scale.

    • True, and I'm really looking forward to this release. 🙂
      Let's just hope it's more on par with their Arado 196 rather than the He 219 when it comes to detail accuracy and overall outline...

  17. I wonder if they'll do a Midge to go with the Gnat? I'll finally get this tiny jet into my 1/48 collection!

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