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Eduard's 1/48 scale Hawker Tempest V. by Tony Prince

February 18, 2014 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.9K

Doing my monthly dusting of my display shelves I picked up this . A long time favourite of mine which has repeatedly survived periodic culling This is the first release of the Tempest from & my build dates from around 2004 although it could be earlier. Lots of filing, filling & sanding here, especially the tail fin & wing trailing edges. Most detail was finely engraved but the canopy was far too thick so i used a vac-form replacement set. The finished model is otherwise pretty much OOB. I'm sure there's room for a more modern kit of this 'plane. (maybe Airfix?) Hope you like it.



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  1. Beautifully finished and photographed. Very nice work, sir.

  2. Tony, great job on one of my all time favorites, the Tempest. I haven't attempted the Eduard kit yet, and I guess I better give it a try to find out the troubles you mention, sounds like a project! I also now have the Pacific Coast 1/32 Tempest, so maybe I should try that, but maybe the Eduard first. I like your reference to keeping this one when you have thought of getting rid of it more than once. I know from experience it is better to keep it, especially when it is as nice as your Tempest. Thanks for posting!

  3. Tony,
    Great job on this one. I really like what you have here. Keep dusting it and keep it on the shelf.

  4. Looks very good. Tempest was a great aircraft. Just read a book by a typhoon pilot and re read Pierre Closto's classic, Big Show for about the 4th time! Those Tiffie and Tempest pilots had courage oozing out their ears...the had a very big pair big holding the stick back whilst taxiing must have hurt!

  5. The Hawker stablemate, the Typhoon is released this year in 1/24 from Airfix, and arguably will be their best aircraft release, ever.

    I used to live on Mersea Island, Essex, just across the water from Bradwell. Bradwell Bay was an RAF station in WWII, and from where Tempest and Typhoon aircraft were sent up against German nightfighters, and later V1 Flying Bombs. Squadron Leader RP Beaumont was one of the better known pilots stationed there.

    More than 25 squadrons were stationed there in the war, flying Bostons , Mosquitos, Beaufighters, Typhoons, Tempests, Hurricanes, Spitfires, Mustangs, Warwick, and Walrus aircraft.

    There's still a control tower, a few out-buildings, blister hangers, and remants of runway, all now privately owned. There's also a memorial in the form of a Mosquito aircraft and bronze plaque with 121 names of servicemen killed on active duty.

  6. Good looking plane, good looking model, keep up the dusting, Tony!

  7. It's definitely up to your standards, Tony. Beautiful job. Keep dusting that shelf and keep them coming. Always a pleasure to see.

  8. Excellent work on a very under represented aircraft. I have the "Profi-pack" version of this kit and will get around to it one of these days. I know that AMT/Ertle produced a 1/48 Tempest back in the 1970s, but other than that and the Eduard kit, the Tempest seems to have been passed over by the major producers.

  9. As above, a great build and finish.
    Well done Tony.

  10. If I could afford a warbird I would go for the Tempest!

    Me likey!


  11. Great Tempest. V nice finish.

  12. Very nice work on that model. I know what you mean about the struggle to get it to that point.

  13. Nice clean build.

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