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Accurate Miniatures 1/48th A-36 Apache, WWII MTO

June 28, 2013 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.5K

Since we had amazing run on Airacobra's, and I don't have one built yet to display, figure an early would be the next best thing. If I remember correctly this is AM first kit ever offered was the , new approach, detailed info tips, and engineering that I first ever encountered in how this variant was assembled. Didn't care much for the tail being separate just another seam to fill. Though a kit that doesn't need much in AM bits, the only item that is not from the kit are the decals. Though looking like a Mustang, the Apache was designed for ground attack/dive bomber, with dive brakes on the wings (which were inefficient and thus were actually wired in place) and 2 browning machine guns on the nose under the forward nose and 4 on the wings. About 500 were built. 1st action took place in N. Africa in June 1943. Though the official name was "Apache" it was unofficially also called the "Invader" which I didn't know. Interesting, name was officially given to the Douglas A-26.
This was also the first Am kit I attempted, I really liked the build, the cockpit was detailed which offered decal seatbelts, which too me don't look like them. So I didn't use them. I first built this around 1995. One of the first kits I built when I returned back to the hobby. My intent was to build all the Mustangs and it's variants. Starting with the Apache, and so far I only have 2 built with several in the stash. Standard OD over Neutral Grey, using Aeromaster Acrylics, Interior Green for the cockpit and landing gear bays. Decals are from Aeromaster. Pics were taken with an Olympus Digital that didn't have good megapixel settings for better close in shots. A lot of first on this project, the canopy was masked using True Details "Fast Frames" for the canopy masking, (I guess they have a long shelf life as there is no peeling at all and they have been on the model going on 18 years). The use of Future for a Gloss clear coat for the decal phase. And Aeromaster Flat Clear for the final finish. Also Moskit exhausts which are beautiful when used. Too bad they were always difficult to get from the get go. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Very nice job, my [limited] experience, AM kits are usually pretty well engineered and are, as the name implies, 'accurate'. Coincidentally, there's a restoration facility 5 mi. south of here where, last I knew, there was an Apache being lovingly brought back to her original specs - but probably updated with current avionics (they hadn't gotten that far yet). I really should pop in soon and see where they're at in the process. Good work on your build.

    • Here in Chino there are a few D's and finally some B model Mustangs now restored and flying. Don't recall ever seeing an Apache or a P-51A for that matter. So let me know when you can the status of the A-36. And thanks for the comment on the model.

  2. The mid-nineties were good for the Mustang fan. I remember buying the Accurate Miniatures, Monogram Pro-Modeler, and Tamiya P-51Bs all within a few weeks of each other. I never did buy the "Apache" though. After looking at how nice yours came out, I think I will have to do a little e-baying today. Nice build!

    • Yes it was, seems like a few variants were finally getting some recognition i kit form in that era. Finallly some Allison powered Mustangs were being produced. The AM B/C kit was good to see as well as the aforementioned Tamiya kit. Pro modeller was a updated but good kit from Monogram. Good for Mustang fans.

  3. said on June 28, 2013

    Good looking model, Chuck! I've always loved those early Mustangs... There was an A-36 at the Lone Star Flight Museum up the road in Galveston for a long time. Not sure if it's still there, haven't been out there in a while. The museum is moving up to Ellington Field in Houston after being pretty much wiped out by hurricane Ike a few years ago.

  4. Thanks Jaime, also for the image as well. We first want to wish those soles that survived that disaster. Then hoping anything of history survived as well. An Apache in a NMF is quite interesting, as I thought all were in OD.

  5. Chuck,
    You did a wonderful job on this. I don't there is any Mustang that is not good looking. Your model proves my point.

    • Your correct Frank the Mustang is graceful even when sitting on the ramp. Cool view when one is approaching in flight heading directly at you, then zips over your head and pulls up and left turns into the sky.

  6. I was gifted this same kit a while back, I was really butchering models back then, and enjoyed it greatly. It was donated to a woman, along with a B-25, whose father flew B-25s from the Philippines.
    Chuck, I really like the finish that you have on this one. It really pops,

  7. great looking stang chuck

  8. Nice job on a nice little kit.

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