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F3D-2 Skyknight, Sword 1/72nd

February 9, 2014 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.4K

Fifth for the year so far.

Sword's F-3D . Nice model, I did have to separate the intakes from the main engine bays in order to properly blend the intakes with milliput - but honestly it's difficult to see how Sword could have done it any better, it's a very subtle area to catch. Apart from that it is more or less what's in the box apart from some PJ Productions resin pilots.

The mode is finished with Mr Color Gloss Sea Blue, oversprayed with a slightly lightened mix. Decals are from the kit (use COLD water for these - they are very fragile and hot water will soften them too much to be easily handled, and they'll fold and tear very easily), and the final finish is satin clear lightly micromeshed after drying. The base is my own, cast from a master I made.

About 8 day's work, nice model, I'm a fan (and it's a Skyknight, I *LOVE that shape!)


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  1. It may be early, but I can't see the pictures. Either that or the camouflage is exceptionally effective.

  2. Can't see the pictures yet so no comments on your work ,though I'm sure it will be to your usual standard drewe,I thought I knew my aircraft but I've never heard of this one so I just checked on the web, a very nice looking aircraft similar in many ways to the Supermarine Attacker but with the much better tricycle arrangement .looking forward to seeing the pics.

    • Now the pictures are on all I can say is - SUPERB ,that is a gorgeous looking airplane and an amazing build very clean and neat , I love it ,pity it's not available in 1/48.

  3. I was able to fix the pictures, working on the upload issue right now

  4. I've wanted to do a F3D ever since I saw the episode of "Dogfights" entitled 'Night Fighters'...I'm still hoping beyond hope that a 48th version will be offered, since 72nd scale is not my preference.
    Your example is top-notch, however and I may have to 'bite the bullet', as it were, and opt for the version you haves o skillfully presented here.

  5. Really nice build of an aircraft you don't see often.

  6. Too bad the Squadron kit (in 1/48) wasn't designed by the folks who did this one. That abomination makes a Hach 2 or a Hi-Tech kit look like Tamiya.

  7. great looking model drewe

  8. Drewe,
    This is beautifully done. The Skynight is another of the overlooked Korean War aircraft. I think it is a great looking airplane and would be a welcomed model in 1/48 if some good company would do it. I will not hold my breath for that to happen. For now I will just say thank you for doing an outstanding job on this one. It is a pleasure to look at.

  9. Great paint job there Drewe.
    One of the lesser built kits.
    Well done .

  10. Another very neat job, Drewe, and a nice looking aircraft.

  11. Nice clean build. It's an unusual looking plane, I'm not familiar with. If it's "unusual" I'm all for it!

  12. Top notch as always Drewe.

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