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43 years old, former police officer back in aerospace now. Modeler since I was seven, now concentrate on 1/72nd & 1/48th aircraft and 1/35th armour

F3D-2 Skyknight, Sword 1/72nd

Fifth for the year so far. Sword's F-3D Skyknight. Nice model, I did have to separate the intakes from the main engine bays in order to properly blend the intakes with milliput - but honestly it's difficult to see how Sword could have done [...]

Harrier GR.5, 1/72nd Airfix (conversion)

Here's the latest. Airfix's recent Harrier GR.9 converted to a GR.5. Nose is from Quickboost. Pilot is from PJ Productions. Thousand pounders from the Revell Tornado, Sidewinders from the Hasegawa weapons set. Painted with Mr Color, decals [...]

Lightning F.1A, Airfix 1/72

Here's this weeks model. It's the new Airfix Lightning F.2A converted back to an F.1A. The tank is from a Trumpeter kit, which was cut out, reshaped, and used to cast a resin replacement. It's still all sorts of wrong really, and I have [...]

Harrier GR.3, Airfix 1/72nd

So here's this week's model. It's the Airfix kit. Problem free build. The pilot is from PJ Productions and the bombs are from the Revell Tornado GR.1 kit. I used some plastic card and superglue to correct the tip of the tail (Kit tail has [...]

Lightning F.2A 92Sqdn (green)

So here's the second Airfix Lighting F.2A I've built from the new Airfix kit. Again, no issues to report, pitot from a sewing needle but otherwise SFTB, decals are kit for all the stencil data and Xtradecal for the camo 92Sqdn "King [...]

Lightning F.2A 92Sqdn, new Airfix kit

sneaking in under thew wire as my last build of 2013. Airfix's new Lightning F.2A in the markings of 92Sqdn at RAF Gutersloh in the early 70's. Apart from a needle for a pitot, what you see here is straight from the box, decals and all. [...]

P-51H Mustang, RS Models 1/72

My favourite pony in my favourite scale from my current favourite short run company. About three days work. Primed with Mr Surfacer 1000 to spot flaws and work that still needs doing.

Airfix Hawk T.1A

Airfix 1/72nd nearly finished. Special markings, one of the most involved masking jobs I've ever done. Most of the white is decal, everything else is masked and sprayed. Another publicity model for Airfix.

Airfix Harrier GR.1

New tool 1/72nd scale kit built straight from the box, finished with the marking from the beginner set. Publicity model for Airfix

Trumpeter BMP 1

Couple week's work. Nearing completion now. Still detail work and some weathering with pigments and the like to go. Really nice build.