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Special Hobby TR-1A

February 21, 2014 · in Aviation · 9 · 1.8K

Special Hobby TR-1A built straight from the box. The only real let down of this kit, at least my example, were the poorly printed decals. On the sheet they looked excellent, but on applying them to the black surface, a strong white outline emerged on the red lettering, due to misaligned printing. I tried to contact SH for a replacement sheet but got no reply. Finally I tried to paint the white with a small brush, but the results are far from good.

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  1. Great build Gordon, I cannot anthing wrong with the painting over decals sir.
    Well done Gordon.

    • Look at the markings on the tail in the third photo (first one with the blue background) and you can see the letters are painted over and some traces of white still visible. Problem is I could not find any replacement decals.

  2. Like Simes said it looks O.K. in the photo's but I understand the dissapointment of a lot of work spoiled (even if only you see it) by something beyond your control, just chalk it up as a lesson learned,it does look good to me though.

  3. Nicely done and photographed.

  4. Nice result even with the problems.

    Special Hobby, being part of the MPM group, operates on the following philosophy: "Fit? Fit?! We don't need no steenking fit, steenking modeler! And as for customer service, fuggedaboudit!"

    • Hi Tom, yes fit is no Tamigawa with this one! In my opinion, the worst is the thick trailing edges of the main wings which you will have to sand, and sand, and sand... until you get fed up! The wings are butt jointed but obviously I made some dowels as it is quite large.

  5. looks terrific

  6. Nice clean build, the "low vis" black application is spot on.

  7. Thanks for everyone for all the nice comments.

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