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ENTEX 1/16 Scale Harley Davidson 1918 18F 880cc

November 26, 2015 · in Automotive · · 8 · 2.8K

Next up on the workbench will be this 1918 Harley-Davidson Model 18F. Again made by . This will be the third in a series of four that I have built.

I am going to try and get it as close to the original color as you see in these photos. It's called a Renault Gray with Carmine striping. It almost appears to be a Flat White with a semi-gloss overcoat. Once again, any comments, suggestions and/or criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.

Well, the Harley finally arrived and I have been working on it for a while now. The first thing to do was to strip all of the chrome off the trees. I just don't feel like chrome belongs on a bike that has been produced in 1918.

This is the decal sheet. A bit yellowed as you can see. Some of these have blown apart in the water but I have managed to piece them back together on the framework.

Here are the other parts trees. There is a little flash that has to be trimmed but, all in all, not too bad for as old as these molds are.

This is one of the cylinder heads. Also is the work on the engine. Some of these parts had to be sanded on the interior gluing surfaces so they would fit properly.

Some of the early on framework. I tried to use Testors White Lightning lacquer but the coverage was not good. So I had to resort to using flat white with a gloss coat.

This is the completed engine awaiting installation into the frame. It turned out a lot better than I expected.

Here is the engine after the initial installation into the frame. There are a lot more details to add as I head on into the detailing of this one.

This is the front wheel set. This was a bit of a pain due to the brittle nature of the plastic and the extremely small parts that must be assembled. I certainly hope that I did a good job of "hiding" the breakage points.

Here's a close-up of the engine work in-progress

I did the running boards with a bit of flat white to match the bike and dry-brushed the lettering to get it to stand out. These are the before and after photos.

Two close-ups of the completed and installed engine.

The dashboard on top of the tank. I replaced the plastic speedometer cable with a braided copper cable as the plastic one just didn't look all that great.

And here's the completed model.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'll respond just as quickly as I can.

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  1. THAT is cool. I would def. build that if I could get my hands on one. Search...Very nice job on it.

  2. If your previous posts are any indication of your expertise, this build will look EXACTLY like those photos! We'll be watching with great anticipation, ­čÖé

  3. Harry, your builds of these early types would look great together on a shared display plinth. You always seem to get something extra out of these kits.

    • Once I manage to locate the "ACE" model in the series I am considering doing just that. It's a set of four models in a "Vintage Bike" series all in 1/16 scale. I sure wish these were done in a larger scale as they would certainly be interesting all detailed out.

  4. Looking forward to seeing more, Harry.

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