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April 14, 2017 · in Diorama · · 26 · 2.6K

This is the Acadamy Ontos (which is Latin for 'the thing' - & was affectionately refered to by the Marines as 'the pig') with HobbyFan USMC figures. The base is MiniArt. The Ontos was a cool build but has zero internal detail which is disappointing and the recoiled rifles are a pain to build especially when there's 6! Does make for a very cool looking wee tank though. The HobbyFan figures were great and it's the first time I've had scale teeth to paint on figures. Overall I'm pretty happy with the end result and it pretty much panned out exactly as I had it planned out in my head (except that in my initial idea the Ontos was a Walker Bulldog - only a slight difference haha).

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  1. Very nice dio Carl. I don't know much about the Vietnam War but your build says Tet Offensive/Embassy to me

  2. That Ontos looks very nice indeed, but those figures you've done are OUTSTANDING..! I don't think I've EVER seen 35th scale figure painting done that well. Hey...if I send you all my 48th scale pilot figures, will ya paint 'em for me? LOL

    • Thanks, these are my favourite figure paint job, I date, problem is some I'm doing now just are not working, I can be hit and miss with a bit of luck thrown in. Don't use any oils just Tamiya paints with my own flesh mix. I then dry brush arms and stubble area of face with lead from a pencil I rub over coarse sandpaper. Eyes are just Greg, I don't bother trying to paint pupils - just can't master that.

  3. Fantastic Carl! Amazing attention to detail, you have captured the moment perfectly! You can feel their discomfort having to kneel down in the mud!

  4. Carl, beautifully done! Is that the old Renwal Ontos? Interesting idea, I can see it being used to level buildings. You don't want to stand behind it when it fires.

    • No, it's the Acadamy 1/35 kit

    • Never knew there was a Renwal one. Had only heard revell did one years ago in 1/32

    • You read my mind Bernard. I would have rather been with the guys behind the wall ! Those things supposedly had a nasty back blast when fired. Much worse than a LAW rocket or RPG from what I was told by some of my older "Senior" NCO's.

      Beautiful work Carl ! You captured everything with this one... and your figure painting is outstanding Sir ! Two thumbs up ! I really like it my friend.

  5. Carl, this is great. I really like the realism you built into this .

  6. Outstanding! Very well done paint & assemblies of an interesting subject. One wee thing, 'tho ... It is NOT a tank, despite the tracks & the possible tank-killing abilities. Sorry - I was a tanker - I can't help myself. LoL!

    These are some of THE best figures I've ever seen! Fabulous painting!

  7. Hi Carl. I have always liked the Ontos since seeing photos of the Battle for Hue during the Vietnam war. It sure packed a mean punch. The photo is very similar to what you are depicting with your diorama. You did an amazing job on this one. Well done!

  8. Very nice, Carl. The figures are beautifully modelled. I don't think I've come across HobbyFan as a supplier before, but will look out for them now.

  9. Very well modelled and photographed, and I like the tip of using a pencil on the figures.

  10. Hello Carl,
    Thanks for sharing this excellent diorama with us.
    I enjoyed it. Reagrds, Dirk / The Netherlands

  11. Outstanding build all around! I think the revell is the old renwal.

  12. A good diorama tells an interesting story. You have an interesting story here.

  13. Great job! As others have said, nicely detailed paint work, and an unusual subject as well.

  14. I just love this 1968 Hue scene Carl!

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