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An iModeler get-together

March 25, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 8 · 1.4K

I was in Florida last week to visit my son and had the opportunity to meet some of the guys I've met and befriended here on iModeler. We had a great time talking about model airplanes, baseball, football, grandkids and just whatever happened to come up, topped off with an amazing lunch. Thanks to Joe Caputo for his hospitality, setting this whole thing up and taking me to his local hobby shop. It was great meeting all of you!

Jack Mugan, Carol and Joe Caputo, and me. Carol builds models, too!

Joe Caputo, Jack Mugan, yours truly and Ed Ingersoll

Here's a challenge for all of you - get together with someone else on the site or on your friends list and post pictures. It would be cool to see all of you and I'm sure there would be some stories to tell!

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  1. A BIG "Like"!

  2. Jaime, I'm really glad we got together. We're looking forward to more meetings in the future. iModeler is a great site, with a lot of great people. It's very special when a few of us can get together, and I think, really proves that this site, and our hobby, is so much more than just models, and like our models, our experiences, with a little effort can be so rewarding. Thanks for making the effort

  3. Nice idea. We have the Chino Air show coming here in So California, to be specific at the Chino Airport in May. That would be a great event to attend as an I modeler get together. Meet and greet, breakfast, view the aircraft the vendors and the events the show has to offer. And of course the airshow itself as your breath is taken away when a P-51, T-bolt, Corsairs and Hellcats take to the air. Just a thought.

  4. Great idea there Jaime, as this a world wide forum we would never be able to meet up as a substantial group but we could post pics of local gatherings.

  5. This IS really cool! Especially if you go to a place where there are cool museums to hang out!

  6. Well done dudes! That had to be fun.:)

  7. Jamie,
    Very nice that all of you could get together like you did here. As this site goes on it is almost as if we know the people we are connecting to. We all have some friends on this site that are close and we see each other. It is great that you traveled and had the opportunity to spend time with members like you have done. I bet you had a great time swapping stories and just enjoying each other company.

  8. It was a great experience and all of us really enjoyed it. I wish I had had more time that trip, but I'll be heading out that way again in about a month and Joe and I are already planning another get together, hopefully with a few more people and activities.

    Frank, I have to agree with you. It does feel like many of us have made friends on the site, even though we've never met. If anyone is planning a visit to or lives in the Houston area, feel free to drop me a PM and we'll try to make something happen here.

    Let's hear about some other get togethers and see some pics!

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