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Monogram 1/48 F-101B VooDoo

March 14, 2014 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.2K

I really gotta stop this stuff and get started on my D-Day build! I finally got around to building (and actually finishing) 's F-101B! Now I like the Phantom, and the Demon is interesting to look at, but I think McDonnell's best looking aircraft ever is the ! Monogram did a wonderful job with the F-101B. Detailing and fit are very nice, bud getting the landing gear attached was a little fiddly as there are no positive attachment points for the mains, just oval depressions in the plastic. It has a rotating missile pack and normally I won't build working features into a model (swing wings aside) but this was okay. The only thing that detracts from the model having it rotate is a nasty gap at the rear, but it's on the bottom between the drop tanks and not too noticeable unless you look for it. I just like that I can display the Falcons AND Genies. I've seen photos of the real thing at airshows with the bay halfway through the rotation so you can see both sides, if I take it to a show I'll probably do the same thing so the gap isn't there. (Sneaky sneaky!)

The paint came out orange peel free (I notice that's the case when you airbrush gloss colors!) and the decals snuggled down great, even around the formation lights! I did make one error as I believe this aircraft is and older one and should be aluminum lacquer or natural metal. Didn't realize it till I was done! There is one member here who takes his photos at the local airport, and nothing makes a model look more realistic than natural daylight and appropriate surroundings, and he does a great job of it! (Well, I'm not actually at the airport, but at least I'm shooting towards KOSH!) I do want to get a larger table and surface it with tarmac/grass for when I do photo sessions, but I'll wait for the snow to thaw first!

Can't wait for KittyHawk's single seater to come out go go with this!

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  1. Great build Josh, and some nice pics as well.

  2. Monograms Voodoo is quite a kit for it's age. I have it in the stash as well as it's little brother the 72nd scale kit. Was about to start that kit, but will put it aside and start working on a D-Day build myself starting this weekend. Love the Monogram kits despite the raised panel lines, all with their unique quirks that they may have. Challenging and fulfilling when you finish. Great job on a great plane. And only wished that Monogram followed up with a "C" single seater. Hopefully Kitty Hawk will give us a nice kit. Thanks for sharing


    • I myself don't have a preference for raised or engraved panel lines. The ones on this kit were a little overdone. They did better with their F-84F and F-105, the panel lines are very petite on those two. I'm building a Hasegawa F-104C and I live the parts breakdown and fit of the kit, but the panel lines and rivets a way over done. (And they will be magnified because it will be a NMF!) My Monogram F-104 looks more realistic in that sense even though it has raised panel lines. You cant see them until you're right up close just like the real thing.

      My favorite part of this kit was the cockpit, in particular the seats!

  3. Very nicely done. Those outdoor photos make it look ready to go.

  4. Quirkiness's aside, IMO, ya can't go wrong with those "old" Monogram kits. They were the 'cream of the crop' before the "Asian Invasion". Nice job on this one as well.

    • I agree. True value for your money! I am going to do an RF-101B in SAE camo soon. I also have an F-84F waiting in the wings. I absolutely love the cockpits in late 70's early 80's Monogram kits! Fun to paint!

  5. A very Nice Clean Build Josh you can't go far wrong with the old Monogram stuff they were my first foray into 1/48 way back when, i think it was the F100 Super Sabre i have a couple in the stash and i say to myself when ever my eye falls on them ill build one just for nostalgic reasons and if my memory serves probably still the most accurate 1/48 one around,
    Great Build Josh

  6. I've built a couple of the Huns already, the last one 25 years ago. They do build up very nice, but that seam down the side of the nose aggravates me every time! (I'm working on #'s 3 and 4 right now along with Trumpeter's F-100F. One is a natural metal one marked as "Triple Zilch" and the other a camo FAC bird.) In the construction aspect I do prefer the Trumpeter Hun even though the intake is a little flattened. Very little in the way of seam cleanup!

  7. Great work Josh! I have a couple of these in my stash and I'm planing to do one in an F-15C color/decal "What if..?" scheme.

  8. Nice clean build, like all the "stores" under the belly, killer job on the cockpit.

  9. Thanks Mike! It's easy to do a great job on a cockpit like that, they did so well on it that it's almost like cheating! I do have to get in there and paint the wizzo's scope. I forgot and left it black! I have a nice shade of brown/tan that looks good, but I'll also use the clear brown section of a negative (remember those?) as the CRT if there's a depression provided for it. I do like the way everything was rendered. If only all cockpits were like that I'd never buy a resin version! About the only way I will is if I'm only supplied with decals and a flat panel to put them on. NO FUN! I like to paint everything! The cockpit is my favorite part of the build and I'm probably not alone there!

  10. Great work! That's one of my favorite kits.

  11. Josh,

    I totally agree with you, the F-101 is really a magical aircraft (how did it fly with those teenie tiny wings?). The Monogram kit is still the definitive one in my estimation, it's amazing that people are still complaining about raised panel lines versus engraved, when for the most part raised are actually more realistic on a model, more like the real thing. Also, if you lightly sand the model after painting, the panel lines appear, without having to do "pre shading" or whatever! I also like your take (and display) of photography in direct sunlight. I always take my model photos in INDIRECT sunlight, and am happy with the results so far. I am going to give your way of doing things a try, as it seems it may give a more "crisp" rendition. Many thanks for your posting!

  12. I can't take credit for the photos as I got the idea from another member on the site. His look very realistic as he has a scale tarmac under his models that blends in with the background! I do like the way they turn out like this though. I'll have to reshoot my Scorpion on a nice sunny day like this to really make the finish pop!

  13. From one Voodoo lover to another, that bird looks great Josh! You are sure right about those older Monogram kits, they are still great model airplanes. Of course, I love your outdoor shots! Bravo!

  14. Great model, great photographs, thank you, Josh, for sharing them with us.

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