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Thank you!

March 31, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 16 · 2K

I finally was able to get a fairly decent photo of me with my 1/48 Airfix Gloster Javelin kit Best of Show award for February. Even managed to include the 1/48 Airfix Lightning that won it for me. And if you look closely you will see a couple of 1/72 Javelins (and a Sea Vixen) from years gone by. I was truly surprised and humbled by this award, and thank all that made it possible. I’ve always been intriqued by delta winged aircraft, and the 1/48 Airfix Javelin has been on my wish list for some time. I’m looking forward to building this kit, and believe I will use the kit decals, and do it as the aircraft from 64 Squadron (as shown on the box art), with the distinctive blue Scarab beetle squadron marking, flanked by red and blue “trellis” design, on the fin.

Best regards, and thank you!

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  1. Enjoy it. You earned it.

  2. Well deserved, Robert.

  3. Indeed well-deserved, sir...enjoy your "reward" (looks like a beauty).

  4. As above, enjoy it, a well deserved.

  5. Well deserved Robert, your Lightning was superb.

  6. Congratulations! You will enjoy working on that kit! You probably won't even need any putty!

  7. Congratulations Robert. Well-deserved and enjoy it!

  8. Bob,
    Absolutely well deserved. I look forward to seeing the masterpiece that you will produce from this kit.

  9. Congrats Robert, still see the joy in your eyes, which shows age has no limits to still enjoy the gifts bestowed upon us. What really surprises me is how big that kit is. Didn't realize the Javelin was that big of a plane. Can't wait to cya get started on it.


  10. you are an inspiring model bob

  11. Robert, Congrats-well deserved for sure...Two fingers of "Blue" for you too!

  12. a BIG ATTA BOY BOB. You're going to have a good time with that one ! It certainly found the right home...

  13. Definitely well deserved, Robert, can't wait to see the finished Javelin.

  14. More than deserved!

  15. Congratulations Robert

    Eric from France

  16. Many thanks to all of you, for your kind thoughts and congratulations.
    I am really looking forward to building the Airfix Javelin, but I have to be honest, and say that I am kind of slow, and I hope you will be patient!
    I will get there, and with any luck (which I always use when I can find it), the results will be worth the wait! Thank you, and stay tuned!

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