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The 1/48 Mirage F1C-200 from Esci

March 1, 2014 · in Aviation · · 30 · 4.7K

Hello everyone,

after the Mirage IIIC, I present the Mirage F1C-200. This is the old model on which I added landing metal FM brand trains. The pilot resin is PJ brand.

Thank you again and good weekend to all.

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  1. Fantastic work. The finish is perfect as is the weathering.
    You captured the look of this elegant airplane very well.
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your work.

    • Thank you very much Nikola.
      I forgot to mention that I also added several portions of a plastic card to lengthen the nose 1.5 mm behind the radar.

      Best regards, Eric

  2. What can I say Eric, superb work and craftsmanship again.
    Superbly built and finished to your high standard.
    Very well done Eric.

  3. Very nice indeed. The F1 is such a handsome-looking jet and you've done it justice. Is this built OOB? The detail looks as good as on the Eudard kit.

    • Hi and thank you very much for your comment. The gear, the nozzle reactor, the wheels and the seat are from FM, the pilot come from PJ production. All the rest are OOB. I have just engraved the karman's line.
      Best regards, Er.

  4. Excellent detail work, sir...nice, crisp panel lines. Very nice job.

  5. Another stunner. Gotta love the pilot in there.

  6. Lookin' good! I like how you weathered the paint with primer instead of going straight to bare aluminum! Can we get a close up of the engine nozzle? That detailing looks fantastic!

    • Josh, thank you so much. I do my best to put 2 pictures of the nozzle. I just added the sticky aluminum foil around the reactor outlet and the control rod component of the nozzle.

      Best regards, Eric

  7. Wow, nice job, well done. weathering is first rate and not overly done. I have one in my stash waiting to be built, now seeing this one, I might get very well dig it out and get started.

  8. That is one smart,crisp, tight build. The metal landing brings the kit up several notches. I like the canopy framing too...the white framing or insulation around the wind screen framing adds more interest to the viewers eye too. Some ESCI kits are hit and miss and this kit is a hit.

    Two thumbs up.

  9. Beautiful-perfect weathering.

  10. One of the best Esci kits produced was the Mirage F1. Now under the Italeri label, until recently was the only F1 in 48th scale. You did well on this Eric. Built this many years ago, remember it was a simple build. Been actually trying to pick one up and modify into an Iraqi AF F1. Can't say much more than what has been said. Nice to see this one built up. Love seeing some of the older kits still being built and displayed, thanks for sharing.
    Fly Navy

    • Thank you Chuck. The Mirage F1 is or was (permanently removed from french service in few months) a beautiful bird. The Esci kit give it a good tribute and it was a real pleasure to build it.

      Best regards, Eric from France

  11. Really nice build,love the sturdy looking landing gear ,reminds me of the old Jaguar.

  12. Fantastic Build, perfect weathering not to dirty and not to clean just about right, i built this same kit last year i wish i could have got mine to look as good

    i built mine in Greek markings done in the wrap around camo scheme, i found the only issue i had was that a lot of the fuselage panel lines had kinda disappeared especially the underside probably due to the age of the moulds. what was the colour you used for the top surface? i have the Super Etendard to build and i think its the same colour scheme or very similar

    once again Great Build



    • Hello Mark,

      Thank you very much for this comment. In fact I had too engraving to perform. The color is a mixture of humbrol paint with n°144 and white. But a few years now and unfortunately I forgot the exact dosage. Regarding the Super Etendard I do not think this is the right choice. It has existed in several schematic camouflage but one that was uniformly gray on the upper surface was darker. I'll put a small article on my last flight in my series of French hunter and by chance it is a Super Etendard ...

      Thank you again, Eric

  13. It's always a pleasure to see your models, and this one is no exception. The finish you've achieved and the photographs are brilliant.

  14. Eric,
    Your skills are awesome. Outstanding build.

  15. Nice clean build, great photos. The pilots helmet is wicked good!

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